Kit’s Birthday Party

Hello everybody! It’s Kit! (Yes, I know, I’ve been getting a lot of the spotlight here, but a birthday is a big thing! You’ll have to wait for November for Emma’s birthday and February for Amber’s birthday, though.)

Anyway, my best friends surprised me with a party! I had NO idea what they were doing, and it was sort of spooky (I’d go, “What’s happening?”, Amber would go, “Nothing.” , and Emma would go, “Well… you’ll find out…”) but when I saw the party room I was shocked!


Wow! Lots of food and decorations! My best friends are stars!


Here I am with the whole food table! There was nothing else in the room except for this – plenty of space to party.

Now, the problem was, this was a surprise party – so I had no idea who was coming! But it could have been worse. There were girls mainly my age and my teacher, as well as Emma and Amber!


Here we all are. After everyone came Amber welcomed everybody and then started the dance competition (“Musical Statues”). We had to dance to 30’s music… and I have no idea how Amber managed to acquire those songs, because those were my favorites. I hadn’t heard them in so long.

We all dance in different ways! Amber, Emma and I really went for it, but Gretel (purple dress, green hat) just sat down and did movements with her arms! Tacy (small, red dress) was doing the splits, and she was the star of the show. Grace joined in – and I am surprised with what that dog can do if she sets her mind to it! Natalie (brown hair, pink clothing) would go insignificantly away from all the action, so when the music stopped, no one would notice if she moved… and she wouldn’t get “out”! (The judges were the girls against the wall).


But she eventually did, and it was only Grace and I left. No one was surprised that I was still in, because with my knowledge of the music and my determination to do anything (like stay still) when I set my mind to it. But everyone was surprised when I moved, just a tad… and Grace won! The lucky dog got to eat one of Emma’s cupcakes, the grand prize.


Then, it was time for food. There were two boxes of pizza, fruit, chips, ice cream, cookies, Coca – Cola and chocolate milk! Here I am with my mushroom pizza and my Coca – Cola (but that’s not ALL I took) – and let me tell you, it was great!

After everyone was full, Amber announced the second game. She had hidden pictures of me all over the room and we had to find them!


“Yes! Here’s one!” Emma exclaimed, holding the picture of my favorite movie!


“Found another!” Gretel shouted. She went to great lengths to get that one, stretching over the food table to reach it…


And then, we stuck the pictures on a sheet of paper and made a collage! It’s like a giant birthday card from my friends!


It was time to cut the cake… Amber cut it into thirds and then we all got a piece. Well done Amber, it was delicious!


Present time! I must admit that that’s one of my favorite times. Little did I know, though, what was inside! It was…


A LAPTOP?!?!! AWESOME!!!! My friends are¬† so kind!!!!! Now, I can post here without borrowing my Mom’s computer (that takes so long). This is my first post with my computer, actually!

But there was more…


OH MY GOODNESS. Can this be real?


It’s a kit with some paper to write on, a Reporter’s Notebook, some writing utensils and A CAMERA!!!!!!

Okay, so the camera came free with the laptop. BUT STILL!!!!

And then, that wasn’t all, they said, because Emma turned the box in a way…


THAT WOULD MAKE A DESK! So that’s why the box was so big! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was an amazing party – not just the presents, I had fun all the time! I realized how much my friends care about me, and that is a very nice feeling!

What was your favorite birthday party?


A Birthday Breakfast

(Normal text is Kit) , (Underlined text is Amber) , (Italic text is Emma)

Hello, this is Kit! And Amber! As well as Emma! (Just saying, the idea of talking all at once comes from the blog Well anyway, before we continue, we have a few things to say… like, we won’t be taking billions of photos. That’s sad, because photos are a form, but hopefully this means that there will more photos in the long run. Memory space only lasts for so long. But it’s better than in 30’s! True, true…

Also, we won’t always be posting in the same order. (That being, me, Amber then Emma.) So the posts might be by one person a couple times, then another… you get it.

Thirdly, a big – shout out to our followers! We are truly honored that Aunt Kirsten and Willbardsgirl have started following our blog. Thank you VERY much! We hope you enjoy the blog!! Now girls, move out of the way, this is MY post.

Guess what – it was recently my birthday! I woke up to Amber singing (was it a nice song? IT’S MY TURN!!!) “Happy Birthday” and something heavy on my lap. It turns out my best friends had cooked for me a birthday breakfast!


Amber cooked me a GIANT waffle  and Emma supplied the jam, peanut butter and nutella, along with the crackers. How sweet! I used nutella on my waffle, then jam and peanut butter on my crackers.


Would you believe it, Emma even baked something! She baked me a cupcake! It was delicious, too. Here I am with my hot chocolate and cupcake.


My friends said that the real present would come later at my birthday party, but for now, they gave me an ADORABLE teddy! Thank you, girls!


And they said we could do what I wanted today! Hmmm… in Cincinnati I used to spend a LOT of time in the trees. What are those trees like for climbing? My ideas shoot as high as the stars!


From Blossoms to Board Games


Hello! This is Emma, for the first time! I don’t know what to expect, because I’ve never had a blog, so this is going to be a learning experience! If you read this, I’m glad you’re here!! Welcome!


All three of us went outside recently, but Amber and Kit decided to talk about American Girl things – well, I can’t join in there! So, I decided to look at the plum tree’s blossoms.


These blossoms only come out once a year, and not for a very long time. This was my opportunity to see them!


Except, that’s hard to do when you’re on the ground. Here’s a picture of me trying to climb up to see those flowers better. I don’t have the sheer determination and sporty personality as Kit and even Amber surprises me with perseverance (when she’s with her friends), so climbing up took a long time. I thought I would never make it!


But there I was! Aren’t the flowers so pretty?


Smelling the blossoms… so nice! It’s a shame they are going to go away, but then they’ll be back, next year.


They were still there a couple days afterwards, but this time, none of us were content. Amber and Kit love good weather, and I finally agreed that yes, winter has been here for quite a while (winter is my favorite season).


Yet that turned out okay, because Amber had an idea – “Let’s play some games!”


We settled on tic – tac – toe, and I played first against Amber. I thought she would do nicely though, despite the fact that Kit’s the REAL game master.


But, as we kept playing, things did get tricky…


And Amber won. What did I expect, after all?


Amber advanced into “finals”, and Kit was ready.


Yes, she won – naturally! But Amber was such a good sport that she cheered with her, which is so sweet.


Then, we were going to play “Guess Who?”. Seeing I hadn’t played against Kit, I played with her.


What really surprised me that was in nearly no time, I had just about guessed her card.


I had won, so I was against Amber – uh – oh! Amber likes looking at outer – appearances more than any of us (I look for the inner person).



I doubted I would win…


Yes, she wiped me out! Well done, Amber!

Aren’t I fortunate to have pretty flowers and games… and friends?



Baking pizza

Hello! This is Amber here speaking. Something exciting happened… I got a package in the mail!


So, what was it? It was what I had ordered, a couple days ago. Something very useful…


It was an apron! I love to cook and bake, so I decided to get something that will help me eventually. There was also a hair ribbon in the package, such a pretty pink.


But looking around at the big kitchen, I was inspired. That “eventually” would turn into “now”! So, I decided to bake after all, what just about everybody likes, pizza!!


Here I am stirring the dough that I made, on my own kitchen counter.


Toppings need to be put on too, like sausage, cheese, mushrooms, sauce, and basil.


The dough would not be complete without spices like oregano!


After it was finished baking, this is what it looked like!




I added a dash of olive oil.


And, of course, the chef HAS to taste – test!


Emma and Kit were very surprised and happy when I came upstairs!


So, I served them a piece.


They thought it was a “masterpiece” and “delicious”. Kit even went as far to say I should open my own restaurant, but that’s the closest thing to impossible I heard that day!


The quiet from the dog made us realize something was wrong… Grace also wanted to be part of the fun!


Soon, there was one piece left… which was given to me!


I have nice friends!