From Blossoms to Board Games


Hello! This is Emma, for the first time! I don’t know what to expect, because I’ve never had a blog, so this is going to be a learning experience! If you read this, I’m glad you’re here!! Welcome!


All three of us went outside recently, but Amber and Kit decided to talk about American Girl things – well, I can’t join in there! So, I decided to look at the plum tree’s blossoms.


These blossoms only come out once a year, and not for a very long time. This was my opportunity to see them!


Except, that’s hard to do when you’re on the ground. Here’s a picture of me trying to climb up to see those flowers better. I don’t have the sheer determination and sporty personality as Kit and even Amber surprises me with perseverance (when she’s with her friends), so climbing up took a long time. I thought I would never make it!


But there I was! Aren’t the flowers so pretty?


Smelling the blossoms… so nice! It’s a shame they are going to go away, but then they’ll be back, next year.


They were still there a couple days afterwards, but this time, none of us were content. Amber and Kit love good weather, and I finally agreed that yes, winter has been here for quite a while (winter is my favorite season).


Yet that turned out okay, because Amber had an idea – “Let’s play some games!”


We settled on tic – tac – toe, and I played first against Amber. I thought she would do nicely though, despite the fact that Kit’s the REAL game master.


But, as we kept playing, things did get tricky…


And Amber won. What did I expect, after all?


Amber advanced into “finals”, and Kit was ready.


Yes, she won – naturally! But Amber was such a good sport that she cheered with her, which is so sweet.


Then, we were going to play “Guess Who?”. Seeing I hadn’t played against Kit, I played with her.


What really surprised me that was in nearly no time, I had just about guessed her card.


I had won, so I was against Amber – uh – oh! Amber likes looking at outer – appearances more than any of us (I look for the inner person).



I doubted I would win…


Yes, she wiped me out! Well done, Amber!

Aren’t I fortunate to have pretty flowers and games… and friends?




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