A Birthday Breakfast

(Normal text is Kit) , (Underlined text is Amber) , (Italic text is Emma)

Hello, this is Kit! And Amber! As well as Emma! (Just saying, the idea of talking all at once comes from the blog http://www.dollsondablog.blogspot.nl/) Well anyway, before we continue, we have a few things to say… like, we won’t be taking billions of photos. That’s sad, because photos are a form, but hopefully this means that there will more photos in the long run. Memory space only lasts for so long. But it’s better than in 30’s! True, true…

Also, we won’t always be posting in the same order. (That being, me, Amber then Emma.) So the posts might be by one person a couple times, then another… you get it.

Thirdly, a big – shout out to our followers! We are truly honored that Aunt Kirsten and Willbardsgirl have started following our blog. Thank you VERY much! We hope you enjoy the blog!! Now girls, move out of the way, this is MY post.

Guess what – it was recently my birthday! I woke up to Amber singing (was it a nice song? IT’S MY TURN!!!) “Happy Birthday” and something heavy on my lap. It turns out my best friends had cooked for me a birthday breakfast!


Amber cooked me a GIANT waffle  and Emma supplied the jam, peanut butter and nutella, along with the crackers. How sweet! I used nutella on my waffle, then jam and peanut butter on my crackers.


Would you believe it, Emma even baked something! She baked me a cupcake! It was delicious, too. Here I am with my hot chocolate and cupcake.


My friends said that the real present would come later at my birthday party, but for now, they gave me an ADORABLE teddy! Thank you, girls!


And they said we could do what I wanted today! Hmmm… in Cincinnati I used to spend a LOT of time in the trees. What are those trees like for climbing? My ideas shoot as high as the stars!