A Cabin Tour

Hi everyone! It’s Kit Kittredge, your favorite reporting doll! I’m sorry we haven’t posted in so long. School was finishing up for us and we didn’t have time (well, Emma SAYS she didn’t have time, but she was trying to get ahead in schoolwork, I know). Except just this Friday school finished and we were FREE!


The minute school finished I raced out of the classroom to get set up for Camp Doll Diaries. This year, I was chosen as the camp leader – aren’t I fortunate? It turned out there was nothing for me to do, so I got to take a look around the camp. So I saw the camp cabins!


This will be Amber and Emma’s cabin. It’s right next to mine, only separated by a small curtain (this means, of course, that if I hear them talking at night when they are not supposed to, they are BUSTED! – as Amber says). There are two bunk beds with coordinating bedspreads, :), shelves to put their clothes on, a modern blue, pink and white bedside table, a table to write on for camp assignments or letters to home, a stool and several cool posters/a flag.


Don’t you like the posters? They’ll go crazy over them!


My room is the best room – ahem, really cool. It’s got such a cute bed, a bedside table with a bird design, a stool, a calendar and two posters! I’m really happy with it even though it’s smaller! I imagine I’ll get lots of visits from my friends…


Here are the posters. You can see the famous Camp Doll Diaries sign at the top. It’s an awesome camp, you can look it up virtually at http://dolldiaries.com/category/camp-doll-diaries/. The introduction post is here: http://dolldiaries.com/big-announcement-are-you-ready-for-camp-doll-diaries/, and the Doll Diaries website is here: http://dolldiaries.com/.


Even though we’re like a month behind because of school, get ready, girls, to pack your bags! Camp Doll Diaries is coming up soon! We hope to post more about our camping adventures!


3 thoughts on “A Cabin Tour

  1. How super fun and cool!!! And i loved seeing the link on doll diaries!!! Great job setting up the camp! I cant wait to see what adventures they get into next! Way to go on finishing school wooooohooooo!
    Aunt kirstie

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