Happy Fourth of July!

Hi, and happy fourth of July! Have a wonderful day barbecuing, watching fireworks, hanging up US flags, and most importantly, having fun! Today, your favorite adventurous girls (maybe Emma, however, isn’t very adventurous…) decided to celebrate by taking a special trip…


“AGH!! Amber, I’m scared!”

“Don’t be! It’s just a boat!”

“What if it tips over? What if we fall in the water? What if we DROWN…”

“We WON’T drown, don’t worry. Now, why don’t you think up a little story about what we’re doing.”

“Al…right. Courageous explorers Emma and Amber today board the famous American ship, “Stars ‘n’ Stripes”, to discover a new island. Right now all they can see is open sea, flat and peaceful.”

“And they start to grill their 4th of July dinner.”

“Yes. They remark to each other the stillness of the water – but suddenly they see something. A black fin, circling and circling around their ship… could it be… AGH!! AMBER I’M SCARED!”

“Stop worrying, I don’t think sharks try to attack humans. They just mistake them for turtles or something.”


“Couldn’t you just – ”


“OK, OK… here ya go. There. Feel much better now? I’m glad. You wanna know a secret that I can’t believe you didn’t notice? There’s no water.”

After that, the adventurous girls decided to stay in their camp cabin where they belonged!

Amber and Emma


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