Dolls Just Wanna Have Fun

Hiya! It’s Amber, your favorite doll! I’ve been trying to have some fun over here, as best as I can considering the circumstances… but before I tell you, I have an announcement. Kit and Emma will be taking a summer break, so I’ll be the only one posting on here for now. Kit says NO WAY is she going to post when she could sit in the sun or play some baseball now that school’s out. Plus, she already has a lot on her due to being the camp leader. Emma didn’t really say anything because her nose was still in her book and didn’t look like it would be coming out of there!

Anyways, I had myself some free time, and decided to have some fun! Great, right?


Not really. Apparently, Human was looking for some “fun” too. Here’s a lovely bird’s eye photo in which you can see her stalking me. My idea of a perfect afternoon. Plus, she wears socks with sandals.


I started watching TV for a bit, but even dolls can’t take hours and hours! Human was very generous and allowed me to watch all the fashion shows, and even went out of the room for a little bit. Good girl.


By then, I was getting a little hungry, so I decided to raid the cupboard. But what does Human say but, “DON’T TOUCH THE TREATS!”


What’s wrong, Human? Why so angry? It’s a free country, right? Okay, I’ll clean it up…




Oh look, there you are again. Why are you smiling, huh? Is it because you’re so better than me? Huh. I’d like you to prove it. As you can see, I’m playing “Mary Has A Little Lamb” perfectly… *plunk* whoops.


Oh, hi, statue. I’m Amber. How are you doing? Hey… you’ve got a pretty nice hat… can I try it on? (sigh) Probably not.


Spin, human, spin!! YAAAAAAYYYYYY… or not.


Must…rethink…regroup…reorganize…and reenergize.



One thought on “Dolls Just Wanna Have Fun

  1. Amber i am glad you got some free time!!! Who IS that human following you??
    Glad you got to watch fashion shows too;)
    Love aunt kirstie

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