Friends and Friendship Bracelets

Hi again! It’s Amber writing. Earlier this week we visited with five of our favorite dollie friends, and their mother, Sophie! We had a great time, in which we played and dressed up and even starred in Mom’s first stop motion video! Here are some of the shots!


Here I am along with Emily on the right – who now goes by Willow because I explained that we had a friend named Emma and it would be too confusing with both of them. In the middle is Sophie’s doll Kirsten.


From left to right: Samantha, Jess, Ashley and Felicity, the rest of Sophie’s dolls.


Group shot!! Ashley even has Kirsten’s kitten on her lap. During the visit Willow and Felicity really clicked – and whether that has something to do with their hair color I’m not sure. Kirsten and Samantha liked being inside and reading, so I mainly hung out with Jess and Ashley. Turns out that Ashley loves girly things, same as me!!



Thanks Soph, we love them!


I know what you’re thinking, right – since when are you friends with Willow? Well, if I’m living with her now, I have a sort of obligation if I want to make life pleasant. And she isn’t as bad as I thought either. She’s like a sorta – friend. Sure, she still has her prissy moments, but on the whole, she’s okay.


Willow loves her bracelet. I don’t think she got many in the 1940s with the war and all. It even matches her favorite dress!  


Mine is awesome, too! I love the color choice!!


Have a nice weekend!!



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