AG New Releases 2!

(Normal=Kit – Italics=Emma – Underline=AmberBold=Willow)

Hi! It’s Kit. It feels SO good to be back to the blog! Yeah it does! Emma’s here, too! Hey, wait up, you nearly forgot me! And me too! Yeah, well you’re here now! What we were going to talk about was… drumroll…. AG’S NEW RELEASES!! Yay! And this time we’re each gonna share our own opinions for the outfits! Me too? Um, I suppose so! Yeah, Willow! So, without further ado… LET’S START!

AG really focused on Bitty Baby this release. I think that’s nice for the smaller population, but there’s not a lot in it for us. Oh give me a break. AG focuses on you every season. Wrong – AG focuses on AMBER every season, but not on the historical girls, except for Willow this year. Well I think it’s good the little babies had a turn for once. I’m a bit tired of the spotlight.


Kit: The Bitty Babies are staring at me. It’s creepy.

Amber: Sorry, she’s got a thing with babies. I think the new babies are cute and it would be nice to meet one!

Emma: I am happy that they finally got a chance. However maybe they could have kept the old babies too.

Willow: Very sweet, but very pricey.

For the rest, we’ll just be reviewing the new clothes!


Kit: It has a dog on it!! *instantly buys*

Amber: In key with modern styles! And it’s got flats!

Emma: Shorts with leggings? That is just so strange.

Willow: *bans from wishlist*



Amber: It just seems so…so…so…not me.

Emma: I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!

Willow: Not 1940s but still really cute!


Kit: One of my favorite colors, but too girly and sparkly! But it’s still a bit wearable.

Amber: I think it’s adorbs XD

Emma: Truly not something I would wear.

Willow: Um….. no.

Kit: This is more like it!

Amber: I like how versatile the top and boots are, you can use them in normal outfits. Unbelievably cute!

Emma: Looks very comfortable.

Willow: I never knew pajamas like this! Where are the nightgowns?


Kit: I would so wear this.

Amber: Me too.

Emma: The sweater is the best!!!!!!!!!!!

Willow: It would keep you very warm, I approve!


Kit: Yay, sports!


Emma: Apparently she hasn’t heard about Mckenna…

Willow: What IS this?


Kit: Meh.

Amber: Shoes are off color!

Emma: SO CUTE!

Willow: This is more like it!

What is your favorite?

Kit, Amber, Emma and Willow


4 thoughts on “AG New Releases 2!

  1. Wow– ok they are all cute. I would have a hard tine choosing between the jammies and the leggings/ boots/ sweater– both very cute!!! Which one is mom’s favorite???? They both remind me of cold weather which is my favorite!

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