Fall Fashion

Hello readers – and happy first day of fall! It’s me, Willow, posting. I love fashion and wanted to post some fall ideas for school. We have so many clothes for warmer weather that coming into fall makes it harder to think up a variety of outfits – and we also are not sure what to wear anymore when school is well underway and our clothes don’t seem new anymore. I hope these ideas help you and your dollies too! Enjoy!


1. Accessorize with a patterned jacket! Whilst being out and about one of the first things people notice about you is your jacket! Make a good impression with a big and bold jacket that others will admire!

Amber models the Our Generation “Oh my Posh” jacket and tights, trousers meant for babies and American Girl retired trainers.


2. Pair together unexpected colours for cute colour pops! A jacket isn’t the only article of clothing people will notice about you! Pair together “clashing” or “unusual” colours to really stand out! Who would have thought that hot pink and yellow went together? In this photo they look great!

I am modeling a home-made shirt, non AG trousers, sandals from Kit’s Floral Print Dress (AG) and a hat from Our Generation’s “Oh my Posh”.


3. Layer, layer, layer! Layers look cute and also help you stay warm! Put a t-shirt over a long sleeved shirt, or even over a sweater! It’ll look and feel great!

Kit models a non – AG shirt, home-made trousers, a necklace and hat from her meet outfit and a shirt and pair of flats from AG’s Real Me Outfit.


4. You can still dress like summer! Slip on a floral summer dress, or even a pair of shorts to remember the good times you’ve had. Just make sure to stay warm for fall, with a sweater or a pair of tights!

Emma is modeling Kit’s meet sweater and sandals, as well as Kit’s Birthday Outfit (all AG).

I hope you enjoyed ideas – and remember to be yourself and that it’s on the inside that counts!!!



4 thoughts on “Fall Fashion

  1. I LOVE this ! Of course, being a fashion lover that I am!!! Wonderful outfits you put together Kit!!! And I especially love your last like; It’s on the inside that counts! Its you making the outfits beautiful; not the outfits making you beautiful!!
    AUnt kirsten

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