A holiday

Hello girls,

It’s just Willow popping in for a bit of an announcement: the thing is, Mummy’s been quite busy with homework and school and the lot, and hasn’t had a lot of time for me. Well, for us. Now that she’s on holiday she won’t be posting either, unfortunately. So, just to let you know, we’re just going to have our own holiday. Again, we are extremely sorry for the lack of posts but we will TRY to change that in the future, no guarantees.

So can a bit of a peek into what we’re planning tide you over?

Look for:

– Something about my birthday. Don’t tell the other dolls that I know they forgot about me.

– What Kit and Amber are going to do with the pumpkins

– And more… we have so much planned and so little time, but let’s try to get some posts in after our holiday, hey?

Right. See you around!




Hi everybody! It’s Kit, posting for one of the first times since the summer! I’ve missed you girls SO much – and we’re SO sorry for not having posted. We love this blog and do not want to give it up, but school keeps getting in the way! We’ll keep trying, okay?

Anyway, the other day the weather was lovely, and Grace was begging for a walk… have any of you ever tried to resist such a cute dog? So, I went for a stroll.


You can see the absolutely beautiful autumn weather we’ve been having here – but that still doesn’t mean I leave my coat behind. Not with unpredictable Holland!

Seeing I was not used to seeing Amber being eccentric because she was gone during the summer, I was very surprised when I saw a crazy sight:


“Amber! You’re crazy!” I shouted to my friend pushing a colorful, flower-y pumpkin. I could have known it was fake from a mile away. But Amber obviously didn’t. Panting, she stopped by the pumpkin and grinned.

“Well, happy October to you too. I could use a bit of help around here.”

“Feeling okay?” I asked uncertainly. You don’t push a pumpkin half your size everyday, after all.

“What, me? Fine.”


“Okay then.” I walked over. I’m good with ideas, and in no time we were plotting our scheme.


Plan in action! Amber tried to lift up the pumpkin from one side while I am on the other…. it was going fine until…


“Ugh I can’t take it anymore.” Amber flopped across the pumpkin. “How come I have the hardest job anyway?”

“Hardest job? How would you like to take care of a crazy dog?” I asked, shooing Grace off my lap.


“Okay, you win.”

“Nope, none of us do. The pumpkin is a fake.”


“For goodness sake, Amber. It’s soft and it’s got patterns – not only that, but different ones. Hard to miss and VERY fake.”

“Oh well. Guess I won’t be adding that one to my pumpkin collection.”

“Wait, which pumpkin collection?”


Amber lead me to her designated “pumpkin patch” and proudly showed me her lonely pumpkin.

“What, that’s it? Is that even a pumpkin?”

“Just because it’s green doesn’t make it not a pumpkin,” Amber retorted, tripping over her words. “And yes, that’s “it”. It does take a while to find pumpkins.”

“Well, maybe I can help,” I said. “Let’s see who can find the most pumpkins!” I thought it would be very easy to defeat Amber’s pitiful pumpkin. Not that making her motivated would hurt, either.

“You’re on!”


“On your mark, get set, go!!!!”


Amber looked around in the flowering plants. “I always thought pumpkins would be here,” she muttered, lifting up the leaves.


Meanwhile I decided to glance around the dark places where rarely anyone goes…. through the desolate, flowerless bushes I peered…


And came out with a pumpkin! Sure, it hadn’t seen light for a while, but it definitely was a pumpkin!


“Maybe pumpkins will be in THESE flowers,” Amber said with determination after she heard my triumphant cry – but still, no luck for her.


“I always knew pumpkins grew in grass!” I yelled as I spotted a big pumpkin. Amber groaned and kept looking – and finally found one!


“YES!” Amber cried. “Just like it says in the fairy tales, pumpkins grow on trees!”

“I don’t think that’s in fairy tales…”



We stood, looking at each other with our pumpkins behind us. “Well, we’re even,” Amber announced.

“I found the most pumpkins in the race,” I contradicted.

“I found the most overall, if you count the fake pumpkin,” Amber argued.

“I- hey, where’s Grace?”

“There!” Amber shouted.


“What on earth?” we exclaimed as Grace came towards us…


Pushing a pumpkin!


Winner group shot! Yeah, we’re all winners. I wonder what we’re going to do with the pumpkins. Sell them or eat them? Well since only Amber can cook, maybe we should sell them, but that may come in our next adventure!

Life is never boring!