The Thankful Poem

Hello doll-fans! Emma here talking. I hope you all have had a lovely Thanksgiving. In light of the holiday, I decided to write a poem about it and include some photos from Doll-lightful Days’ history. Do enjoy!

I’m thankful for family.


April 2013

I’m thankful for fun.


July 2013

I’m thankful for friends.


August 2013

Every last one.


August 2013

I’m thankful for writing.


July 2013

And for this blog.


May 2013

I’m thankful for animals.


June 2013

And for our very own dog!


April 2013

I’m thankful for parties.


November 2013

And good adventures.


May 2013

For posing with friends.


May 2013

And for posing with nature.


November 2013

I’m thankful for nice clothes.


August 2013

And for good food.


May 2013

But we are also…



November 2013

Thanks a lot for following and commenting and everything you followers and readers do!!


By Emma Hawthorne

By the way, I turned 13 on November 18! I chose not to celebrate it publicly, but Kit already has something up her sleeve… 🙂


Hello dolly-fans! Amber here. OK, so someone asked what is on our AG wishlist! We aren’t necessary planning to get all these things, these are just AG stuff we like and would think about getting (if that makes sense)! Here goes, and drumroll please…!!!


  • We’re thinking about getting the GotY 2014, also known as Isabelle! Mom’s a dancer, and it would be fun to have a new friend! If not Isabelle, we’d love another doll with ballerina-long hair, like:

Her, for example. Just we don’t want it to look too much like me 😀

  • We’re also interested in Ruthie: 
  • Or the MAG equivalent, we love those green eyes! 
  • Or, this is an “out there” prospect, but what about Kaya?                                                          We just love her sweet face… and actually, she’s the one we’re most serious about!

There could be more too, like Rebecca, or perhaps Josefina, or another MAG, but these are our tops right now.

OK, now for the Clothes!

  • This is actually the only historical outfit on our wishlist:                                                               Very cute, but not essential. At all. The only other things we might like from the historical section is clothes from Julie/Ivy’s time. We have had our fair share of fancy clothes. Can you be-lieve that we have never bought a thing from the MAG  clothing section? I think I want to change that!
  • Boots and the sweater are adorable! 
  • Cuteness and simplicity: 
  • I like this dress: 
  • This is cool: 
  • Sweet: 
  • This is great:
  • This is unique and cute! 
  • Adorable! 
  • Very sweet: 
  • Cuteness! 

Hope that wasn’t overwhelming… we also like GotY clothes like Saige’s Sweater Outfit, but we’ve heard that the sweater gets wholey very easily… is this true??

What’s on YOUR wishlist? What dolls/clothes do you like best from ours?


Happy birthday, Willow!!

Ello! It’s Willow here again! I know that my birthday was a long time ago, but we hadn’t celebrated yet. Between Romania and just being jolly busy, we couldn’t do anything until now. And even then I had no idea we were about to have a jolly good time that afternoon…

It was an ordinary day until I got a note. It was stuck on my door and it read:

Dear Willow, don’t worry about lunch today, we’ll take care of it. Could you meet as at about 12:30 today? Oh, and could you wear your cherry-blossom dress? Kit and Emma haven’t seen it on you yet! Amber.

So I slipped my dress on and came on down an hour later… to a huge celebration!!!


“Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday dear Willow….

Happy birthday to you!!!!!”

I was stunned!


And they had prepared a tea for me. They had muffins and iced cake and tea and coffee (that was for Amber. She doesn’t drink tea, she says). They gave me the biggest, chocolate-filled, sweetest piece of cake there was, “To make up for all your lost cakes when you had ration cards!” Kit joked.


They tried to make it a real English tea, but English people wouldn’t in their dreams have that many nice things (in my time). I was laughing at Kit because she was using a milk pitcher instead of a tea cup!

Next were presents. I had quite a decent stack of them and all of them were very thoughtful!


From Mummy, I got a Dutch hat and an adorable dog with a red collar. I’ve already named him Yank after my dog back in the 1940s!


From the non-18 inch dollies, I got a bag and these lovely extras: organizing folders, a restaurant, debit card for shops and a library (for when there are shops, libraries and restaurants. We’re planning on making some, though). Not to mention a sweet teddy-bear!


From Amber, I got a dress like the ones they were wearing. She says it’s because I belong with them now – yipee!


From Kit, I got her favorite book: Dogs Rule. We both have dogs in common, won’t that be fun?


From Emma I got a necklace. The rest have special necklaces, so that gift was very thoughtful.

And then the biggest surprise of all…


I GOT A FLUTOPHONE! (Along with a letter W for Willow with a cute bear.)

Emma says it’s a recorder, but it looks like a flutophone to me. And even though I despised practicing it in the 1940s, I’ve actually been missing it. I can’t wait to learn more songs!



“Actually, we’ve got more to celebrate…”

“Happy birthday to Human too as of October!”

“And we got 10 followers – yay!”

“And 1000+ views on the blog!”


“We’ve had a lovely time!”

“And we have SO much to be thankful for!”


Thanks for the followers AND 1000+ views! We love this blog a lot and hope to keep posting!


Kit in White: A photoshoot

Hello eager readers! We have so much to post we just can’t STAND it! Human’s vacation was in Romania…. and she left us behind! Amber says the dress she brought back makes up for it (that’s another post!).

I never thought I’d be starting this month with this photoshoot. This is NOT one of our better photoshoots at all! The light was a bit too dim, but we’re still going to post it –  we all learn from our mistakes!

So, voila “Kit in White”…


Your favorite reporter in her all-white outfit.


Looking at the greenery.


A pose by the tree. One of the better ones…


On the fence.


Among God’s beautiful creation!


To me a lilac symbolizes hope in that picture. That was the only sprig of lilac on the bush – like, it’s not completely winter yet, summer is still hanging on. That lilac is probably gone, now.


Profile shot.

See you later for better pics!