Happy birthday, Willow!!

Ello! It’s Willow here again! I know that my birthday was a long time ago, but we hadn’t celebrated yet. Between Romania and just being jolly busy, we couldn’t do anything until now. And even then I had no idea we were about to have a jolly good time that afternoon…

It was an ordinary day until I got a note. It was stuck on my door and it read:

Dear Willow, don’t worry about lunch today, we’ll take care of it. Could you meet as at about 12:30 today? Oh, and could you wear your cherry-blossom dress? Kit and Emma haven’t seen it on you yet! Amber.

So I slipped my dress on and came on down an hour later… to a huge celebration!!!


“Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday dear Willow….

Happy birthday to you!!!!!”

I was stunned!


And they had prepared a tea for me. They had muffins and iced cake and tea and coffee (that was for Amber. She doesn’t drink tea, she says). They gave me the biggest, chocolate-filled, sweetest piece of cake there was, “To make up for all your lost cakes when you had ration cards!” Kit joked.


They tried to make it a real English tea, but English people wouldn’t in their dreams have that many nice things (in my time). I was laughing at Kit because she was using a milk pitcher instead of a tea cup!

Next were presents. I had quite a decent stack of them and all of them were very thoughtful!


From Mummy, I got a Dutch hat and an adorable dog with a red collar. I’ve already named him Yank after my dog back in the 1940s!


From the non-18 inch dollies, I got a bag and these lovely extras: organizing folders, a restaurant, debit card for shops and a library (for when there are shops, libraries and restaurants. We’re planning on making some, though). Not to mention a sweet teddy-bear!


From Amber, I got a dress like the ones they were wearing. She says it’s because I belong with them now – yipee!


From Kit, I got her favorite book: Dogs Rule. We both have dogs in common, won’t that be fun?


From Emma I got a necklace. The rest have special necklaces, so that gift was very thoughtful.

And then the biggest surprise of all…


I GOT A FLUTOPHONE! (Along with a letter W for Willow with a cute bear.)

Emma says it’s a recorder, but it looks like a flutophone to me. And even though I despised practicing it in the 1940s, I’ve actually been missing it. I can’t wait to learn more songs!



“Actually, we’ve got more to celebrate…”

“Happy birthday to Human too as of October!”

“And we got 10 followers – yay!”

“And 1000+ views on the blog!”


“We’ve had a lovely time!”

“And we have SO much to be thankful for!”


Thanks for the followers AND 1000+ views! We love this blog a lot and hope to keep posting!



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