National Hugging Day – A Doll Day

Hello readers!


Kit here! Did you know that today was National Hugging Day? We celebrated it over here in the Netherlands…

The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was I went to hug my Human.


“Thank you Human I appreciate you even though you make me wear pink. And even though you make me wear silly dresses. And even  though you make me wear silly pink dresses.”

“Kit, are you OK…”

Next, I went and hugged my dog!


She’s really Human’s dog, but I like her too. Her name is Skittles and she’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I don’t think she likes hugs a whole lot…

Well, all you dollies go out and hug your Human and her pet today. While you’re at it, go hug some nature…





And your own pet…



Just don’t let them take it overboard!



A big hug to all of our readers!






Hello to all! It’s Emma here talking! Wow, was it really a month? We’re sorry we haven’t posted, but we have some new ideas for our faithful readers…


We’d love to continue making photo stories as a decently big part of our blog, but we have some other plans as well!! Each of the other dolls have an idea in mind, and I’ll let them narrate their projects. Without further ado…

(I’ll let Amber take over now, bye!! :D)

Hi everybody, it’s your favorite doll Amber, and my new series, Art with Amber!! I was thinking for a while that I would L-O-V-E to start a new series talking about all those things you have lying around the house. You know, that stuff that Human doesn’t need anymore and she needs to throw away? Or things that were meant for Human and worked just as well for dolls (some people call these ‘fun finds’)? I’ll post about projects using these that will take you just a few minutes of your time, perfect for a busy day!!! Look for a new post soon!


Hello everybody, Willow speaking. I love fashion and I love giving tips and tricks, so that is why I decided to start a new series called Willow’s Wardrobe. It will give handy ideas that dolls need and may include our attempts at recycling our Mum’s old clothes (no sew). I hope to post soon in the future!

And lastly…


Hi everyone, it’s Kit, your reporter doll! Speaking of reporting, there are some special days coming up (like Valentine’s Day) and some special not-as-important days (like National Hugging Day). Over here at Doll-lightful Days headquaters, we like those not-as-important days too! We’d also like to celebrate them from time to time and share what we did with you, on this new series Doll Days.  Emma and I, the runners of this project, hope to see you soon!

Emma’s back! That’s it, and look for more posts in the near future!