Le Petite Boutique

Hello faithful readers and happy belated Valentine’s Day! Amber here to show you my new shop – (Le) Petite Boutique!


For you non-French speakers, that means the Little Shop. Right now, we have a limited supply – two gorgeous dresses, a pretty pair of boots, an exclusive t-shirt and lovely paper doll set of the newest Girl of the Year… Isabelle!


This is the first lovely dress – or dresses, because it is actually three dresses! You can wear the bottom dress (a 17-1800 style dress), the top dress (vintage!!!) and both of them combined – wow!! ($35)


In celebration of the new Girl of the Year, Isabelle, we have a especially-cute dress, complete with little twirling dancers! ($15)



Next, you can buy Isabelle’s t-shirt – that’s right, the super-duper one I’m wearing! This includes Isabelle’s sweet paper doll set, as pictured next to me! ($7.50)


Lastly, you can buy Saige’s cool retired boots! ($35) Well, that’s it…. oh wait!


I’ve got customers!!!

“Hey, Amber! How’s business going?”

“No buyers so far, Kit, but I did just open an hour ago… :D.”

“Well, I’m about to change that!!!”


After a quick tour…

“So, how much is the t-shirt again?”

“$7.50 including the paper dolls.”

“That’s a DEAL! And the boots?”

“$35, but tell you what, seeing your my best friend (well, one of them) and seeing you like bargains as much as me, I’ll give them to you for $20!”



“Bye-bye and come back soon!”



More costumers!!!

“Hello girls and welcome to the Petite Boutique!!”

“Wow, this store is super cool!”


Emma spotted the three-in-one dress straight away! Meanwhile, Willow investigates the new Isabelle dress.


“This Isabelle dress is awesome, I’m taking it too!”


“Thanks and have a nice day!”

“Bye, and come back soon!”


That is, when I get more supplies!


This post included new doll supplies that we haven’t showed you yet! Saige’s boots were a gift from Human’s grandma, the two dress sets were a gift from Human’s other grandma for Christmas and lately, we won a Doll Diaries giveaway (http://dolldiaries.com/giveaway-isabelles-debut-souvenir-t-shirt/) that included the Isabelle t-shirt and the paper dolls! Thank you all for your generosity, you’ve made lots of dollies happy!!! 🙂

Love, Amber