Willow’s Wardrobe: Going Green!

Hello, Willow here!


In celebration of this week’s holidays – St. Patrick’s Day and the first day of spring – I have two green outfits for you!


First up is Emma in a spring ensemble. Notice the ribbon that ties her hair back and is practically invisible! šŸ˜‰ This outfit includes:

– Kit’s birthday outfit

– The shoes (and once again invisible clip) from Kit’s floral dressĀ 

– Emma’s trademark bow

– And Emma’s new stunt, Wall-Hanging. Wow, maybe she could teach us how to do that?



Next up is Kit Kittredge, who needs to learn how to look at the camera. Kit’s outfit includes:

– A homemade green top

– Homemade pants

– OG Oh my Posh shoes

– Kit’s compass necklace

– MyAG necklace

– A homemade headband

– Retired Girl of the Year bracelet

– And a closet now jewelry –Ā Ā deprived. Thanks, Kit. (Just pulling your leg.)

Well, that wraps it up for now! Hope you enjoyed and look for more outfit fun!




Spring Showcase!

Hello readers! This is Willow talking. About a week ago Mummy took me out for a photo shoot on a positively-gorgeous evening! Lots of flowers are already out and even MORE are out today butĀ Mummy’s feeling a bit lazy, ahem – we don’t want to make you Americans more jealous! (Let’s hope you soon won’t have a reason to be jealous… it’s quite time for the snow to stop! We haven’t had an official FLAKE of snow over here, by the way!)



“Hmmm, where should I start?” (As you can see, even the plot flowers are blooming!)


“Look, a crocus! Such a pretty purple…”



“Wow, they are beautiful!” There are lots more in a little patch of grass near Mummy’s house… you never know, we might post photos…


“The weather’s so lovely I could lie here for a while and forget the world…”


“Now we proudly show you our snowdrop collection – and that’s not even all of them!”



There’s something about lying down on the ground surrounded by flowers…



Look for more soon! Hopefully the flowers will start popping up soon over there, too, so we can all celebrate spring!