Willow’s Wardrobe: Going Green!

Hello, Willow here!


In celebration of this week’s holidays – St. Patrick’s Day and the first day of spring – I have two green outfits for you!


First up is Emma in a spring ensemble. Notice the ribbon that ties her hair back and is practically invisible! 😉 This outfit includes:

– Kit’s birthday outfit

– The shoes (and once again invisible clip) from Kit’s floral dress 

– Emma’s trademark bow

– And Emma’s new stunt, Wall-Hanging. Wow, maybe she could teach us how to do that?



Next up is Kit Kittredge, who needs to learn how to look at the camera. Kit’s outfit includes:

– A homemade green top

– Homemade pants

– OG Oh my Posh shoes

– Kit’s compass necklace

– MyAG necklace

– A homemade headband

– Retired Girl of the Year bracelet

– And a closet now jewelry –  deprived. Thanks, Kit. (Just pulling your leg.)

Well, that wraps it up for now! Hope you enjoyed and look for more outfit fun!




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