Willow’s Wardrobe: Pose and Smile

Hello world, it’s Willow for the next Willow’s Wardrobe!


(Don’t worry, we’ll do some of the other series’ soon!)

I’m here to answer a doll nation-wide problem: modeling! (“How can I pose for pictures?”) Here are a few tips for you:


1. Straight on. Look the camera directly in the eye! This is definitely a common pose, but what are some others?


2. Aerial view. This way, people can get an overview of your outfit and your surrounding ground. Plus, it’s a cool touch 🙂


3. Tilt that camera a bit! Don’t be front-and-centre-stage all the time! Go for a bit of panning – and look away from the camera!


4. Diagonal photos #1. Have your human tilt the camera diagonally while still looking straight at it.


The slightly-distracted look


The caught-sight-of-a-UFO-and-forgot-about-the-camera look

5. Diagonal photos #2. As before, have human tilt the camera… but now – LOOK AWAY!!!

I hope you enjoyed the tips! Have fun posing!!




HELLO WORLD! Kit Kittredge (aka Le Favorite Reporter) here to tell you our latest-but-still-slightly-outdated news… we got nominated for our first award ever, the Liebster Award! Thank you to Willsbardgirl and her gals for nominating us! (her blog is found here and you can see her Liebster Award post here) (BTW, we just figured out linking!!! Finally!!!)

So, without further ado, Willow, Emma and Amber will join us and we will answer the questions!

1. If you could time travel, would you go to the past or future? To what time period?
All historical dolls: BACK!!!!!!!!! (of course, they’d go back to their own times)
Amber: (Okay…) I’d say forward. Like, 20 years into the future so I can see myself grown up.
Kit: Like in Back to the Future! (DA DA DAAAA DA DA DA DA DA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! That’s supposed to be the theme song, by the way)
Willow: Or like Doctor Who!!! (WE WOWWWWW, WOW WOW WOW WOWWWWW…. that’s supposed to be another theme song :D)
(Side note that you PROBABLY haven’t figured out: we are BIG time-travel movie fans! 🙂 )
Emma: I’d go back to Pride and Prejudice times… and meet my own Mr. Darcy 🙂
2. What crazy color would you dye your hair?
Amber: My hair’s already crazy, so it wouldn’t hurt to have it in rainbow.
Kit: Absolutely ANYTHING but pink. Any color in the WORLD but pink!
Willow: The Union Jack colors! 🙂
3. Which day of the week is your favorite?
Emma: Sunday!
Willow: I like school quite a lot, so I’d say Wednesday.
Kit: Saturday!
Kit: Quiet, Amber.
4. What is the story behind your blog name?
Kit: Our original totally-stupid blog with a grand total of 5 posts (and only 1 with first-hand pictures) had a name similar to this one. Mom was going around for a long time,thinking of a name for a new blog, and she got so many names suggested to her, (thank you, Grandma!) but she knew that they weren’t the right ones! It was driving her INSANE and it took her quite a while to find the chosen name… This one finally cropped up one Sunday evening, and it seemed to fit!
5. Sweet or savory?
Willow: Savory!
Emma: Sweet!
Kit: SWEET ABOUT ME, NOTHIN’ SWEET ABOUT ME… cake?!?!?! Where?!?!
Amber: Sweet 🙂
6. Pastel colors or bright colors?
Emma: Pastels.
Willow: Pastels. I don’t like to blind people, like some people do. 🙂
Kit and Amber: Bright colors!!!!!!!!!!
7. The sciences or the arts?
Kit and Amber: SCIENCE!
Willow: Les arts! Ils sont trop beau 🙂
Emma: Kunst! Das liebe ich sehr! (Art)
8. What is the meaning of life?
Emma: Over here at Doll-lightful Days, we believe that God is the meaning of life – after all, we believe He created it! We believe that He loves us so much that He died for us and took our punishment, so we could live forever with Him! And He’ll always be with us, all our lives, when we say ‘yes’ to His gift of eternal life and His coming to being with us!!! Now that’s cooler than an award!!! 🙂
OK, now that we’re done with our responses, it’s time with yours! Doll-lightful Days is nominating these blogs:
Here are the questions for these cute sites:
  1. What is a favorite post of yours?
  2. Do you have a favorite doll/stuffed animal?
  3. The blog you have been following the longest?
  4. Doll item on your wishlist? (Or clothes item, etc, if no dolls)
  5. If you had to shop at one place for the rest of your life, where would it be?
  6. Cookie or cupcake?
  7. Favorite dog breed?
  8. Favorite smiley face? (For example, :D)
  9. Favorite holiday?
  10. Least favorite day of the week?
  11. Greatest reward you got from blogging?

Have fun answering the questions, nominees, and congratulations on your super blogs from the Doll-lightful Days crew!

And as for my readers, lots of your blogs I don’t know. You can put a link on the comments and we can add your name to the list! And… do you have another blog you like that has not been nominated? Please tell us so we can add it to the list too! Or if you don’t have a blog, you can just answer the questions in the comments, if you want 🙂

Lots of love,

The dolls




Spring cleaning



Saturday, 10:00. Willow was the only one still sleeping even as the sun blazed into her room. The other dolls were downstairs having breakfast, trying not to disturb her.


A bird loudly chirped and she woke up, stretching to the sky…


…and promptly falling out of bed. “Ugh… not again! Beds were sure not this narrow in the 1940s!”


She sighed and stood up. “Been meaning to move this table anyway…”


“MUCH better! Now I won’t hit it every time I fall out of bed… or I could just get a bigger bed…” She left the room, still muttering and passed Amber in the hallway.

“Where are you off to?”

“Good morning to you too! I just wanted to get my doll, I’ll be there!”

Amber entered the room and –


“Who did this!?!” she shrieked and crossed the room quickly. “Oh no no no, this cannot do! There’s no room for gymnastics anymore!”


“‘Talk about a morning workout…”


“And while I’m at it, I’ve been wanting to move the bed for a while, especially now that I’ve been exercising!”


Push, push, push, PUSH…


“Move Kit’s desk over here…”


“SO much better!!!” Amber exclaimed before she leaves the room, brushing past Kit in the hallway.

“Be there soon, Amber, just getting our clipboard…”


Except Kit forgot all about the clipboard when she entered the bedroom. “Oi! Who moved the bed?”


“Why we even NEED to change this bedroom around is beyond me…”


“And Miss Mystery moved my desk! What was THAT for?” Kit continued as she moved the furniture.


“But I s’pose it’s a good thing she did, whoever ‘she’ is. I just need to write that one letter…” Kit settled her desk and sat down, ready to write, when Amber called her from downstairs. “Coming!!!” she replied as she left the room.

Momentarily Emma returned. “Why did Kit forget that clipboard, she was just in there!” she murmured as she entered the room, than raised her arms in shock.




“Guess I’m going to do it myself…”


“And I’ve been wanting to pull that storage box in from the hall way for ages now,” Emma reflected as she tugged a pink box into the room. “Well, it’s not so much of a shame after all that Kit just left without tidying, because she reminded me!”


“THERE! That just adds SO MUCH to this room, it’s a wonder we managed without it!” She dusted off her hands, satisfied and went downstairs, calling, “Willow, you need to make your bed!”

“Here I am!” Willow exclaimed, and entered the room.


“HUH? I just moved that table, and what’s this box doing in here? GIRLS!!!!!!” She exclaimed as she pushed the box out to the hall way again.


At once all the dolls entered, each of them surprised at something or other in the room.

“Didn’t I move the bed that way?”

“I opened my desk, so why is it closed?”

“Why is the table still there?”


“Hang on,” Kit yelled, and all the girls sat down. “Weren’t we all here just this morning?” As the doll’s nodded, she continued, “So maybe we corrected our own changes to this room, and made some of our own?”

The girls were silent as they realized this, and Kit explained the whole story, until…


They couldn’t stop laughing!

The girls apologized for moving their stuff and being a bit mean to each other 🙂

We wrote this post to ask you: do you like our more theme? We might have new colors, themes, and more ‘spring cleaning’ in the near future, so don’t be surprised 🙂 Enjoy!!!

Story written by Kit Kittredge