Willow’s Wardrobe: Pose and Smile

Hello world, it’s Willow for the next Willow’s Wardrobe!


(Don’t worry, we’ll do some of the other series’ soon!)

I’m here to answer a doll nation-wide problem: modeling! (“How can I pose for pictures?”) Here are a few tips for you:


1. Straight on. Look the camera directly in the eye! This is definitely a common pose, but what are some others?


2. Aerial view. This way, people can get an overview of your outfit and your surrounding ground. Plus, it’s a cool touch 🙂


3. Tilt that camera a bit! Don’t be front-and-centre-stage all the time! Go for a bit of panning – and look away from the camera!


4. Diagonal photos #1. Have your human tilt the camera diagonally while still looking straight at it.


The slightly-distracted look


The caught-sight-of-a-UFO-and-forgot-about-the-camera look

5. Diagonal photos #2. As before, have human tilt the camera… but now – LOOK AWAY!!!

I hope you enjoyed the tips! Have fun posing!!



9 thoughts on “Willow’s Wardrobe: Pose and Smile

  1. I love the tips!!! I think Diagonal is my favorite! Does your human have a favorite? I think the arial view might be bad for me if I need highlights done. . . 🙂
    aunt kirsten

  2. Cool pictures! I especially like the “caught-sight-of-a-UFO-and-forgot-about-the-camera” look. Nice necklace, Willow!

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