Art With Amber #1 – Make a clipboard

Hello dear readers!!!


First of all, we want to thank you for being patient with us. I guess we talk a (very) extended summer break (though our summer was quite busy). We know it’s super cliché to say that we want to post more, so we’ll just see how this fall goes! Thank you for sticking with Doll-lightful Days even when we didn’t post any of our escapades. As for an update, Kit and Willow had a nice time in America. Kit’s eyes were open wide 24/7! (She hasn’t been to America for several years.) Willow was happy to get back to “Molly’s homeland”. Both received several new outfits that we hope to show you soon and had memorable times with one of our star readers… you know who you are… 🙂

Anyway, without further ado, here’s our first ART WITH AMBER! (Yes, I know we said we’d do this ages ago, but a post starring me has to work to PERFECTION :D) Enjoy!


Willow McIntire was late! She had a meeting with the president of Doll-lightful Days Inc. in exactly fifty-eight seconds! “Why, oh why, did I spend so much time on my outfit?” she groaned as butterflies filled her stomach. It was her first day on the job and she so wanted to make a good impression!


As she crossed the courtyard she rehearsed her lines. “Hello Mrs. President… My first idea for the future of Doll-lightful Days is…” she mumbled to herself. “Oh well, at least I’ve got my clipboard if I forget my lines,” she sighed as she clutched Amber’s homemade – and therefore professional – clipboard tighter to her chest.


Willow walked through the headquarters just in time and nearly fainted when she saw the president at the entrance. “Hello, Mrs. McIntire,” she exclaimed, waving at her. Willow smiled a small smile. Though she was glad the president was so friendly, she suddenly felt very shy. “Hello, Mrs. President,” she whispered. The President laughed and sat down. “Please, I’m not the president, I’m the editor, and you can just call me Kit.” She patted the ground next to her and Willow sat down, relieved.


“So I hear you’ve also got some historical experience?” Kit began.

“Yes, I have recently retired along with my best friend, Molly,” Willow said quietly.

“Lovely. Another historical doll’s experience is always valuable for the office. Now, before I show you around, did you have any ideas for Doll-lightful Days?”

Willow gulped. “My first idea for the future of Doll-lightful Days is…” She caught a look at Kit smiling at her and then continued. “With all respect, I think that if we should run a blog, we should post some more. If we had more blog activity, our readers would have more to read and wouldn’t be as sad. I’d be very happy to help with ideas for the blog, because a variety of ideas would make our blog unique. I would love to work together with you and the rest of your gang to make Doll-lightful Days a more active blog!”


Kit jumped to her feet. “Wonderful!” she shouted, and gave Willow a high-five/handshake. “What a great idea! You are most definitely in!”

Willow breathed a sigh of relief and grinned. And she only had to look at her clipboard once!


Doesn’t she look happy?

So are you ready to make a doll-sized clipboard that will help your dolls remember what they need to say?

You need:



– A pair of scissors

– A clip as shown in the picture

– A piece of cardboard (for my clipboard I used a small notepad cover)

– A few sheets of paper to put on the clipboard (ours are from Camp Doll Diaries)


Step 1: Cut your notepad cover in half (if using cardboard, cut to desired size).


Step 2: Lay sheets on cardboard.


Step 3: Attach clip.


Additional step 4 – Use glue to add a strip of cardboard along the top of clipboard. If you are using a notebook cover, use the strip that goes over the top of the notebook.


Step 5: Give to doll and enjoy!!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Willow’s office outfit:

Shirt: Anonymous old doll shirt

Skirt: Cut from the shorts of a girl-sized skort

Hairclip: Barbie

Shoes: Emily’s meet outfit




6 thoughts on “Art With Amber #1 – Make a clipboard

  1. I’m glad you’re posting again! Great idea with the clipboard; I especially like the blue and brown pattern you used. I hope we can talk soon!

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