Meet The Dolls


Hi! I’m Margaret Mildred Kittredge, but I liked to be called Kit.


I’m from Cincinnati in the 1930s, and how I got here is a long story involving a fainting Kit and a shiny piece of metal. That aside, I’m 12 years old and my birthday is May 19. I was the second 18 inch doll and the first AG doll, Mom’s gift in 2007. Amber and Emma are my best friends and I have another companion named Willow.  My friends say that I’m inquisitive, daring, useful, proud, smart and that I can’t keep my mouth shut!! I like this blog because one day I’m going to be a reporter, and that’s what I do on here.


Book: Robin Hood

Bible story: The epic battles!

Movie: The Return of the King

Famous person: Amelia Earhart

Sports: Baseball

Subject: Gym, Writing

Animal: Dogs

Season: Spring

(main source:


Hello!  My name is Emma Jane Hawthorne!


I was received in 2004 (Mom thinks), my mother’s present. I am a Kingstate Doll – which means I’m the only non-AG doll on this blog. But my friends like me for it! I, (the eldest), have been 12 since November 18. All of the girls are my good friends and I have lovely times with them. My friends tell me that I am loyal,  kind, quiet, patient, wise and thoughtful. Writing a blog is a new experience for me (I write poems and stories more often) but I am enjoying it.


Book: Little Women

Bible story: Jesus’ parables

Movie: Pride and Prejudice (6 hour version)

Famous person: 1800s authors

Sport: Reading

Subject: English, History

Animal: Cats

Season: Winter


Hi! My name’s Amber Jasmine Williams, but I’m just called Amber.


My Mom got me as a present in 2012. I’m 12, and my birthday is 10 days after my favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day!! Not the romantic stuff, but just celebrating friendship and fun! Because I LOVE friends – we have a blast together! Kit is the dollie that I’m closest to, and Willow I’m not 100% sure about, but we’ve had some good times. My friends say that I’m, well, friendly!! They say I’m also positive, happy, energetic, enthusiastic and modern(unlike both of them)! I like the idea of a blog a lot, it’s quite modern and I love writing on it!


Book: I like books about unexpected friends!

Bible story: Ruth and Naomi – lots of friendship there!

Movie: Chick flicks

Famous person: Celebrities

Sport: Gymnastics

Subject: Art (they say I’m good at it!), Science

Animal: Baby animals

Season: SUMMER!!


This is our dog. Kit received her on vacation, in early April 2013. She named her Grace, after a dog she had in Cincinnati. She’s very nice… and isn’t she cute?


Amber, Emma and Kit

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