Le Petite Boutique

Hello faithful readers and happy belated Valentine’s Day! Amber here to show you my new shop – (Le) Petite Boutique!


For you non-French speakers, that means the Little Shop. Right now, we have a limited supply – two gorgeous dresses, a pretty pair of boots, an exclusive t-shirt and lovely paper doll set of the newest Girl of the Year… Isabelle!


This is the first lovely dress – or dresses, because it is actually three dresses! You can wear the bottom dress (a 17-1800 style dress), the top dress (vintage!!!) and both of them combined – wow!! ($35)


In celebration of the new Girl of the Year, Isabelle, we have a especially-cute dress, complete with little twirling dancers! ($15)



Next, you can buy Isabelle’s t-shirt – that’s right, the super-duper one I’m wearing! This includes Isabelle’s sweet paper doll set, as pictured next to me! ($7.50)


Lastly, you can buy Saige’s cool retired boots! ($35) Well, that’s it…. oh wait!


I’ve got customers!!!

“Hey, Amber! How’s business going?”

“No buyers so far, Kit, but I did just open an hour ago… :D.”

“Well, I’m about to change that!!!”


After a quick tour…

“So, how much is the t-shirt again?”

“$7.50 including the paper dolls.”

“That’s a DEAL! And the boots?”

“$35, but tell you what, seeing your my best friend (well, one of them) and seeing you like bargains as much as me, I’ll give them to you for $20!”



“Bye-bye and come back soon!”



More costumers!!!

“Hello girls and welcome to the Petite Boutique!!”

“Wow, this store is super cool!”


Emma spotted the three-in-one dress straight away! Meanwhile, Willow investigates the new Isabelle dress.


“This Isabelle dress is awesome, I’m taking it too!”


“Thanks and have a nice day!”

“Bye, and come back soon!”


That is, when I get more supplies!


This post included new doll supplies that we haven’t showed you yet! Saige’s boots were a gift from Human’s grandma, the two dress sets were a gift from Human’s other grandma for Christmas and lately, we won a Doll Diaries giveaway (http://dolldiaries.com/giveaway-isabelles-debut-souvenir-t-shirt/) that included the Isabelle t-shirt and the paper dolls! Thank you all for your generosity, you’ve made lots of dollies happy!!! 🙂

Love, Amber











Hello dolly-fans! Amber here. OK, so someone asked what is on our AG wishlist! We aren’t necessary planning to get all these things, these are just AG stuff we like and would think about getting (if that makes sense)! Here goes, and drumroll please…!!!


  • We’re thinking about getting the GotY 2014, also known as Isabelle! Mom’s a dancer, and it would be fun to have a new friend! If not Isabelle, we’d love another doll with ballerina-long hair, like:

Her, for example. Just we don’t want it to look too much like me 😀

  • We’re also interested in Ruthie: 
  • Or the MAG equivalent, we love those green eyes! 
  • Or, this is an “out there” prospect, but what about Kaya?                                                          We just love her sweet face… and actually, she’s the one we’re most serious about!

There could be more too, like Rebecca, or perhaps Josefina, or another MAG, but these are our tops right now.

OK, now for the Clothes!

  • This is actually the only historical outfit on our wishlist:                                                               Very cute, but not essential. At all. The only other things we might like from the historical section is clothes from Julie/Ivy’s time. We have had our fair share of fancy clothes. Can you be-lieve that we have never bought a thing from the MAG  clothing section? I think I want to change that!
  • Boots and the sweater are adorable! 
  • Cuteness and simplicity: 
  • I like this dress: 
  • This is cool: 
  • Sweet: 
  • This is great:
  • This is unique and cute! 
  • Adorable! 
  • Very sweet: 
  • Cuteness! 

Hope that wasn’t overwhelming… we also like GotY clothes like Saige’s Sweater Outfit, but we’ve heard that the sweater gets wholey very easily… is this true??

What’s on YOUR wishlist? What dolls/clothes do you like best from ours?


Review of OG outfit!!

Hello girls! This is Amber, posting in bold print today… because I’m not the only one posting. It’s me, Willow McIntire here too! I’m really thrilled to be on this blog. (I didn’t really invite her, even though Willow and I are quite good friends now. ) Actually, my real name is Emily Bennett, but I go by Willow now. (She makes sure to get the details down, I see.) Today I’ll be reviewing an Our Generation outfit called “Oh my Posh!” England is very posh so this is interesting to review! (I thought she was shy…) So anyway – OK, Willow, that’s enough now.

First, we’ve got some announcements:

a) We transferred our blog! We hope everything went smoothly, but if something is up, please just post it in the comments, Oh yeah, it would be helpful if you commented to say everything is OK!! I hope it is. Amber was nervous. (WAS NOT!)

b) I’m sorry for not posting. We’ve been quite busy wrapping up in the States and only today we returned to The Netherlands, our home! Kit and Emma are here and I haven’t seen them in ages!! I haven’t met them yet! But we hope that things return back to normal… maybe even more posts than normal? I hope I can be part of them! *awkward silence*

Anyway, back to the outfit! This is our first Our Generation outfit, and when we opened it up, the packaging impressed me a lot. They had lots of notices, a reusable tray and the box could re-wrap itself. And then when I saw the outfit, I saw why the called it Oh My Posh… because I went “Oh my posh!” too!!

Human chose Willow to model, so I guess I’ll let Willow take over now!



Hello, it’s Willow here! I’m excited to be posting on this blog! Anyway, here is the Our Generation outfit. The set includes a jacket, a matching skirt, tights, shoes, a hat and a miniature catalog.



Here’s a side view. I like this outfit a lot, it is oh my posh. This outfit is made for slimmer dolls so it is a little bit of a squeeze. Also, the coat sheds quite a bit onto my body… not very posh under the jacket!





The shoes are cute but not by far American Girl quality. (I’m comparing these to the flats that were worn by one of the latest My American Girl outfits. Same style but much cheaper.)



The hat is cute! I love the spotty scheme, and if you are to go cute and posh, this it the pattern.



It can also be worn without the hat. Of course, mixing and matching! Mr. Fox and I smile at the camera. This fox won’t run away!


Dreaming, I’m dreaming, of England, I’m dreaming…


I really love nature as well as this outfit!



And Amber, too!


Friends and Friendship Bracelets

Hi again! It’s Amber writing. Earlier this week we visited with five of our favorite dollie friends, and their mother, Sophie! We had a great time, in which we played and dressed up and even starred in Mom’s first stop motion video! Here are some of the shots!


Here I am along with Emily on the right – who now goes by Willow because I explained that we had a friend named Emma and it would be too confusing with both of them. In the middle is Sophie’s doll Kirsten.


From left to right: Samantha, Jess, Ashley and Felicity, the rest of Sophie’s dolls.


Group shot!! Ashley even has Kirsten’s kitten on her lap. During the visit Willow and Felicity really clicked – and whether that has something to do with their hair color I’m not sure. Kirsten and Samantha liked being inside and reading, so I mainly hung out with Jess and Ashley. Turns out that Ashley loves girly things, same as me!!



Thanks Soph, we love them!


I know what you’re thinking, right – since when are you friends with Willow? Well, if I’m living with her now, I have a sort of obligation if I want to make life pleasant. And she isn’t as bad as I thought either. She’s like a sorta – friend. Sure, she still has her prissy moments, but on the whole, she’s okay.


Willow loves her bracelet. I don’t think she got many in the 1940s with the war and all. It even matches her favorite dress!  


Mine is awesome, too! I love the color choice!!


Have a nice weekend!!


Dolls Just Wanna Have Fun

Hiya! It’s Amber, your favorite doll! I’ve been trying to have some fun over here, as best as I can considering the circumstances… but before I tell you, I have an announcement. Kit and Emma will be taking a summer break, so I’ll be the only one posting on here for now. Kit says NO WAY is she going to post when she could sit in the sun or play some baseball now that school’s out. Plus, she already has a lot on her due to being the camp leader. Emma didn’t really say anything because her nose was still in her book and didn’t look like it would be coming out of there!

Anyways, I had myself some free time, and decided to have some fun! Great, right?


Not really. Apparently, Human was looking for some “fun” too. Here’s a lovely bird’s eye photo in which you can see her stalking me. My idea of a perfect afternoon. Plus, she wears socks with sandals.


I started watching TV for a bit, but even dolls can’t take hours and hours! Human was very generous and allowed me to watch all the fashion shows, and even went out of the room for a little bit. Good girl.


By then, I was getting a little hungry, so I decided to raid the cupboard. But what does Human say but, “DON’T TOUCH THE TREATS!”


What’s wrong, Human? Why so angry? It’s a free country, right? Okay, I’ll clean it up…




Oh look, there you are again. Why are you smiling, huh? Is it because you’re so better than me? Huh. I’d like you to prove it. As you can see, I’m playing “Mary Has A Little Lamb” perfectly… *plunk* whoops.


Oh, hi, statue. I’m Amber. How are you doing? Hey… you’ve got a pretty nice hat… can I try it on? (sigh) Probably not.


Spin, human, spin!! YAAAAAAYYYYYY… or not.


Must…rethink…regroup…reorganize…and reenergize.


Happy Fourth of July!

Hi, and happy fourth of July! Have a wonderful day barbecuing, watching fireworks, hanging up US flags, and most importantly, having fun! Today, your favorite adventurous girls (maybe Emma, however, isn’t very adventurous…) decided to celebrate by taking a special trip…


“AGH!! Amber, I’m scared!”

“Don’t be! It’s just a boat!”

“What if it tips over? What if we fall in the water? What if we DROWN…”

“We WON’T drown, don’t worry. Now, why don’t you think up a little story about what we’re doing.”

“Al…right. Courageous explorers Emma and Amber today board the famous American ship, “Stars ‘n’ Stripes”, to discover a new island. Right now all they can see is open sea, flat and peaceful.”

“And they start to grill their 4th of July dinner.”

“Yes. They remark to each other the stillness of the water – but suddenly they see something. A black fin, circling and circling around their ship… could it be… AGH!! AMBER I’M SCARED!”

“Stop worrying, I don’t think sharks try to attack humans. They just mistake them for turtles or something.”


“Couldn’t you just – ”


“OK, OK… here ya go. There. Feel much better now? I’m glad. You wanna know a secret that I can’t believe you didn’t notice? There’s no water.”

After that, the adventurous girls decided to stay in their camp cabin where they belonged!

Amber and Emma

Baking pizza

Hello! This is Amber here speaking. Something exciting happened… I got a package in the mail!


So, what was it? It was what I had ordered, a couple days ago. Something very useful…


It was an apron! I love to cook and bake, so I decided to get something that will help me eventually. There was also a hair ribbon in the package, such a pretty pink.


But looking around at the big kitchen, I was inspired. That “eventually” would turn into “now”! So, I decided to bake after all, what just about everybody likes, pizza!!


Here I am stirring the dough that I made, on my own kitchen counter.


Toppings need to be put on too, like sausage, cheese, mushrooms, sauce, and basil.


The dough would not be complete without spices like oregano!


After it was finished baking, this is what it looked like!




I added a dash of olive oil.


And, of course, the chef HAS to taste – test!


Emma and Kit were very surprised and happy when I came upstairs!


So, I served them a piece.


They thought it was a “masterpiece” and “delicious”. Kit even went as far to say I should open my own restaurant, but that’s the closest thing to impossible I heard that day!


The quiet from the dog made us realize something was wrong… Grace also wanted to be part of the fun!


Soon, there was one piece left… which was given to me!


I have nice friends!