Emma and the Ducks

Hello girls! It’s Emma here. I went a while ago to see some neighborhood ducks and a little duckling, because after Kit’s birthday, I had the time to relax. I like animals – especially baby animals – and the ducks were not far away, so it was the perfect weekend outing.


There they are! We had brought bread so there were many. I assure you, however, that the weather is much improved now 🙂


There’s the little duckling, along with his mother! I’m sorry that in the photo he just looks like a yellow puffball and he was much cuter in person (rather, duckling). He was a bit shy, unfortunately, but that’s how ducklings are and it’s good for them.


All right, if the duckling was shy, I’d try another duck, even though I was somewhat bashful and not very fond of pictures. The ducks didn’t want to be photographed either – they went away.


It’s not a big deal. I’ll just watch them. They’re the same sort of sight to see as a sunset – pretty, satisfying, interesting. I suppose it’s like that with all nature. You could spend hours in a zoo or just sit in the fields – it’s just beautiful and peaceful. It makes you content.


One last photograph of the ducks and I. Ducks are funny creatures! I enjoyed my visit with them!