Red Nose Day

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to the Red Nose Day Talent Contest!



Red Nose Day, an English holiday, is a day full of comic relief in order to raise awareness for charity. Over at Doll-lightful Days Inc., famous contestants have been preparing for weeks to show off their exceptional talents with you as their audience. One stage against one red back drop means they are going to have to WOW you!



I’m Miranda Rivers and I will be your hostess tonight, showcasing all those amazing acts that the performers have prepared. And don’t forget, after each act you can donate to a charity of your choice after each act using the toll-free number: 001-234-5609 (disclosure: number may or may not be valid :D). Last but not least, get ready to chose your favorite! Which performer has the most fantastic performance, the most moving back story, or is the best dressed? Are you ready? What are we waiting for?


First up is the legendary Kimmy K!


Kimmy: Hi, my name’s Kimmy K! I grew up a long, long, time ago (I mean it) and I’ve been working on my acrodancing (a combination of acrobatics and dancing) as long as I can remember. I’m a street-performer, and an expert classroom-performer, but this is my first gig, so I’m pumped!! My advice to any of you young gymnasts and dancers is, go out there and have a blast! Even though my acrodancing is based off some 1930s moves, I just go for it!  Cheers!


The music starts and she’s up and away! Look at her go, folks! She hasn’t got a care in the world! She’s dancing to an old 1930s song, by the way 🙂


A spectacular handstand pulled off right there… look at that beauty!


The music comes to an end and Kimmy ends with stunning splits! Goooo, Kimmmmmyy!

What did you think of Kimmy? I’d say that piece of advice was pretty inspiring, wouldn’t you? And how do you think her routine looks? Take a moment to think about it and vote at the end!


Up next is the accredited author, Charlotte White!


Charlotte: Good evening, my name is Charlotte White. I have written several best-selling books and have become a very well-known English teacher. When I was asked to do an act for Red Nose Day, despite my total lack of stage-presence, I knew I could do nothing but have a stand-up comedy act concerning some of the subjects I feel passionate about. If you are looking for a chance to perform, I would suggest to choose a performance you feel means a lot to you and that you would love to watch as well.


Charlotte: Hello. I’m here to do stand-up comedy. At the moment, I think me doing stand-up comedy is a joke itself.

*Awkward silence*

Charlotte: But I have prepared some of my very favorite and cherished jokes from the time I had first discovered the joys of the English language, so I will share them with you now.

*Awkward silence*

Charlotte: *pause* Knock knock.

Audience: Who’s there?

Charlotte: To.

Audience:… To who?

Charlotte: Now, you see, my dear audience, you have fallen into a very common trap. You cannot say ‘to who’ – you must say ‘to whom’. As for as I know, I am the only one who has responded in the correct fashion thus far, but I enjoy it very much when other people are misled… just as in so many of Austen’s novels. Jane Austen, you know, is a very famous author, particularly for her Pride and Prejudice, which has had two major movie adaptions, of which only one has been a success. But this, my audience, pales next to the exceptional novel itself… ah, are we moving on? OK. Let’s move on.


Charlotte: And now for some of my personal favorites: bar jokes! I realize some of the audience is under-aged, so I will use “business establishment serving various food and drink”. Are you ready for this next one?

*Awkward silence*

Charlotte: OK. The past, the present, and the future walk into a business establishment serving various food and drink. It was tense.

*Awkward silence except for Amber turning around in embarrassment*

Charlotte: A question mark walks into a business establishment serving various food and drink?

*General sighs*

Charlotte: How about a synonym strolls into a restaurant? The explanation for that one, dear audience, is –



Thank you so much, Charlotte! We feel so much more… enlightened!

Charlotte: Ah, but of course. I wasn’t quite done yet, however…

What did you think of Charlotte? Was her act funny? What did you think of her outfit?


Give it up for our last performer: Colby Wilde!


Colby: Hi, my name’s Colby Wilde. When I was a kid, I used to get teased a lot ‘cuz I wasn’t “cool”, I was more of a hipster. And we say that there is no such word as “cool” and we are cooler than the nonexistent cool! So that’s why I started singing all of my worries away, ‘cuz haters gonna hate! My advice to you is follow your dreams! No one cares! Do it! Peace out, love you guys, you totally rock.


Colby starts singing the song I Will Always Love You, a classic. She’s staring off sort of shy, but she’s managing fine. I hear a promising voice, don’t you?


Wow!!!!!! Would you listen to that voice! This girl has got it good! Get a load of this!


I started crying, what about you? I know it’s sort of hard if you can’t hear her singing, but the point remains 🙂

So, what do you think? How was the talent show? Whose outfit was coolest, whose back-story was uniquest, whose act was greatest, and why? Tell us in the comments, and the star could get a shout-out in the future?

And now for the over-all poll. If you had to vote for one star, who would it be?

Thank you for watching! I’m Miranda Rivers, and enjoy your evening.


A Romanian Santa Lucia

Hello readers! Willow here. A while ago Mummy went to Romania, remember? And, she brought something special back for us dollies, a Romanian dress! It also works as a Santa Lucia dress! Santa Lucia is a Scandinavian holiday – to find out more look at

Here’s the dress, finally revealed!


Natten går tunga fjät/rund gård och stuva; (Night walks with a heavy step/Round yard and hearth;)


kring jord, som sol förlät/skuggorna ruva. (As the sun departs from earth/Shadows are brooding.)


Då i vårt mörka hus/stiger med tända ljus, (There in our dark house/Walking with lit candles,)


Sankta Lucia, Sankta Lucia! (Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia!)

Now, let’s take a look at the dress:



The dress is red and white with puffy sleeves. You can adjust how tight it can be and there’s some decorative lace. It’s not a real Santa Lucia outfit and I don’t have a glowing Santa Lucia crown, but it’s not too bad. Grandmummy says that it’s probably traditionally Romanian. Wouldn’t it be so lovely to lounge around all day in this dress? I wouldn’t mind living in Romania…



Sankta Lucia, Sankta Lucia!

Have a nice Saturday!!!



A ‘Sinterklaas’ Surprise!!

Hello readers! Your favorite reporter is back! (Aka, Kit Kittredge!!) Over here at Doll-lightful Days, we just celebrated Sinterklaas! Sinterklaas is sort of the Dutch Christmas. It’s a real big deal! Sinterklaas is a person who looks a bit like Santa Claus, but he has a big golden staff and a pointy hat with a cross on it. His helpers are Zwarte Piete. These helpers dress in colorful clothing and hats and put black powder on their faces. They dance around Sinterklaas and give out pepernoten (a small Dutch cookie associated with Sinterklaas) to children. On the 5th of December, the Dutch children put their shoes out – often with something for Sinterklaas’ horse inside – and later on in the evening, the shoes are stuffed with presents! (To see more, visit It’s a fun holiday… except this time, I was the only one who remembered it!


“YOU GUYS YOU GUYS YOU GUYS YOU GUYS!!! Sinterklaas is in the neighborhood and he’s about to go back to Spain because the 5th of December is already passed – but we forgot about it – AND HE’S ABOUT TO LEAVE C’MON GUYS LET’S GO!!!”

“Kit… could you slow down?”


“Okay, look. We all need to choose a pair of shoes and set them together in this room and Sinterklaas will come and put some presents inside.”

“What Kit means,” Emma explained, “is that there’s a Dutch holiday called Sinterklaas. On the 5th of December he comes to your house and puts presents inside your shoe. It’s like Santa Claus, only with shoes instead of stockings. This year, we’ve been a bit late, but because he and his companions are in the neighborhood, he may still fill them up.” And then she went on to explain all I just said, which made me a bit anxious because Emma tends to ramble and we might not have had time for Sinterklaas at all.


Because this is the first Sinterklaas Amber and Willow have celebrated with us, they got to choose their shoes first. Amber immediately snatched the big boots – “because I’ll have lots of presents that way!!”

Willow chose the 1930’s shoes because she says it was something she and Molly would wear. Hmmm. Must find out who this mysterious Molly is she keeps going on about…


I chose sporty trainers and Emma went for plain sandals.

“OK, now we set our shoes together in a row…”


Amber put her shoes where Sinterklaas would see them first, and the rest of us put ours dutifully beside. (By the way, do you like our redecorated room? We find it’s very colorful :D)

We went to another room, and 10 minutes later Amber eagerly went to check…



We filed into the room as Amber cheered: “PRESENTS! Yay, presents are the BEST!”


Our shoes were LOADED with them!


Emma, Willow and I unpacked our goodies on the bed. We each got a little toy and an American Girl magazine! We were holding our toys and flicking through the magazine articles when we heard a little sob…


Amber stared down into her shoes… which were only filled with lumps of coal!


Emma immediately went to comfort her and generously gave Amber her magazine (she knew how much Amber liked them). “You know what, Amber,” she told her. “Maybe you got coal because you looked at the presents more than the family time. Perhaps it was because you focused on personal gain instead of… y’know… the holiday spirit?”

“That’s true,” Amber said thoughtfully.


“That’s very very true. I didn’t have as much fun this time because I only wanted gifts instead of being with you guys! You know what, I’m not going to do THAT again!”

Lesson learned!

Have a good day!!!


The Thankful Poem

Hello doll-fans! Emma here talking. I hope you all have had a lovely Thanksgiving. In light of the holiday, I decided to write a poem about it and include some photos from Doll-lightful Days’ history. Do enjoy!

I’m thankful for family.


April 2013

I’m thankful for fun.


July 2013

I’m thankful for friends.


August 2013

Every last one.


August 2013

I’m thankful for writing.


July 2013

And for this blog.


May 2013

I’m thankful for animals.


June 2013

And for our very own dog!


April 2013

I’m thankful for parties.


November 2013

And good adventures.


May 2013

For posing with friends.


May 2013

And for posing with nature.


November 2013

I’m thankful for nice clothes.


August 2013

And for good food.


May 2013

But we are also…



November 2013

Thanks a lot for following and commenting and everything you followers and readers do!!


By Emma Hawthorne

By the way, I turned 13 on November 18! I chose not to celebrate it publicly, but Kit already has something up her sleeve… 🙂

Happy Fourth of July!

Hi, and happy fourth of July! Have a wonderful day barbecuing, watching fireworks, hanging up US flags, and most importantly, having fun! Today, your favorite adventurous girls (maybe Emma, however, isn’t very adventurous…) decided to celebrate by taking a special trip…


“AGH!! Amber, I’m scared!”

“Don’t be! It’s just a boat!”

“What if it tips over? What if we fall in the water? What if we DROWN…”

“We WON’T drown, don’t worry. Now, why don’t you think up a little story about what we’re doing.”

“Al…right. Courageous explorers Emma and Amber today board the famous American ship, “Stars ‘n’ Stripes”, to discover a new island. Right now all they can see is open sea, flat and peaceful.”

“And they start to grill their 4th of July dinner.”

“Yes. They remark to each other the stillness of the water – but suddenly they see something. A black fin, circling and circling around their ship… could it be… AGH!! AMBER I’M SCARED!”

“Stop worrying, I don’t think sharks try to attack humans. They just mistake them for turtles or something.”


“Couldn’t you just – ”


“OK, OK… here ya go. There. Feel much better now? I’m glad. You wanna know a secret that I can’t believe you didn’t notice? There’s no water.”

After that, the adventurous girls decided to stay in their camp cabin where they belonged!

Amber and Emma