Camp Doll Diaries 2015 Check-In

What up, readers? It’s nearly summer, and the approach of summer means CAMP DOLL DIARIES! We have tried (and failed) to participate in camp in 2013 and 2014, so we wanted to give it another shot and (hopefully) stick it out! Unfortunately, June means tests, so we had a late check-in station, where the late campers could be welcomed. Check it out!


“Forms, check; whiteboard, check; sanity… don’t know where that is,” Emma murmurs to herself. “Whose idea was it to put me in charge? And where, oh where, is the counselor?” She looks up and waves. “Oh, hello, readers! It’s Emma Hawthorne here, except in a slightly stressed form! You see, I’m to run the check-in station until the counselor, whom I have still to meet, takes over for me. That’s technically her job, except she’s coming to camp later. Then it’s off to school to get my results for my tests… oh dear, here come the nerves again! Where is that counselor?” she mutters as she hastily straightens the rainbow tablecloth, and then hears footsteps behind her.



“Hello!” she exclaims breathlessly. “You must be the camp counselor!”

The girl turns and smiles, showing her dimples. “Yes; I’m Kit Kittredge. And you must be Emma Hawthorne. I’m sorry I’m late; I got tangled up with the little ones. They’re a bit…. you know!”

“Yes, I know; they’ve been under my feet for the whole week!”



“Oh, so you’ve been here for the last couple of days?”

“Yes; I’ve been helping out until you got here, but I need to go to collect my results from my tests.”

“Oh. Nervous?”

“Extremely!” Emma chuckles.

“You’ll do fine; I’m sure.”

“And so will you. The first day on the job will probably seem a bit overwhelming, but it’s a good laugh.”


“Here’s my form for being a counselor,” Kit says as she hands over the paper.

“Thanks! And out of curiosity, why are you late?”

“Ummm, bit of this and that. And by this and that, I mean literally this and that, across a big ball of wibbley-wobbley, timey-wimey… stuff.”

“Oh my gosh; are you a nerd too?”

“Yes; I’m a Tolkenite and BBC television have irreversibly damaged my happiness.”

“Awesome!” Emma shouts as the girls exchange a high-five.


“Here’s your clipboard,” Emma continues. “It’s got planning and registration sheets, and the camp leader’s information if you need a hand. Oh, and mine too. I was counselor of a camp last year, and I know the ropes.”

“But this year you’ll just be a camper?”

“Yes, I’ll be back after I get my tests back. But in any case of emergency, you can contact me with this number. I hope that’s it…everything appears to be in order,” Emma answers.

“Welcome, master Baggins, to the company of Thorin Oakenshield?” Kit replies cleverly. “Except, I’m not expecting a pony.”


“See you around!” Kit calls as Emma walks away. “And don’t stress out; I want to see you with your head on right in a few days!”

“Thanks, and bye – or should I see namarie?” Emma replies as Kit laughs. She turns towards her table again and sighs. “What a nice girl. She seems like a friend. I wonder when the others will arrive?”


“Right now!” exclaims a voice, and Kit turns around again to find an amiable looking girl waving at her. “Hi! I’m Amber Williams. Well, technically, Amber J. Williams, but the J is sort of optional, because it’s a middle name, and the middle ones you tend to leave out.”

“Hello,” says Kit, amused. “I’m Kit Kittredge, your counselor.”

“Oh, that’s a new name! Where does it come from?”

“Well,” Kit answers, smiling with the memory. “My original name is Magaret Mildred Kittredge.”

“Sounds like a mouthful!”

“It is! But when I was small my dad used to sing me a song that goes ‘pack all your troubles in your old KIT bag!’ and it sorta stuck!”

“Awww, that’s cute.” Amber giggles.



“Oh, yes!” Kit suddenly shouts, and scribbles down Amber’s name on the form. “Sorry. First things first, and while I’m doing that, could you fill out this form?”

“Absolutely.” Amber replies and takes her form to the back table.

“You’re rooming in Cabin Peony, the campers’ cabin, with Emma Hawthorne, who was here just a few minutes ago. She’ll be back, but she’s sweet.”

“Great! Sooooo excited to make new friends!”

“Well, you’ve just made one, I think.”

“I know! Look at me go!”


“So where are you from?” Kit asks.

“Oh… somewhere in America. Except, I’ve been travelling the world lately; actually, that’s why I’m late.”

“Really? That’s awesome! Why?”

“Well, I’m into fashion, so I wanted to go see other big fashionistas, and I also went for fun. Mainly for the fun,” Amber adds

“Where did you go?”

“Paris, London, Madrid, Rio, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney…”

“WOW! That sounds like a blast!”

The girls are so busy talking that they didn’t hear footsteps behind them, until a loud voice announces: “AHEM!!”


“Who are you?” Amber asks rudely.

“I am Miss Emily Bennett,” the girl behind the table replies. “Second cousin twice removed from Her Majesty herself. And I am here to register for this trivial prison you call a ‘camp’. Unless I am mistaken, and this is the middle of nowhere? Oh, pardon me… it actually is.”


“Are you Emily!” Kit replies and walks over to the table to write Emily’s name on her forms. “Hi, I’m Kit Kittredge and I am your – ”

“I don’t care who you are, and what your name is,” Emily answers haughtily. “I am only here by force, so I would prefer not to make acquaintance with lesser life forms. And I would have you know that if you were to wrong me in anyway, I could have the whole of the United Kingdom on your case faster than you could sing Hot Cross Buns!”

“Okay…” Kit says, taken aback. “Well, I have no other choice but to communicate with you, unless you get your distant relation to sign a paper and send it over. So, Emily, I was not expecting your arrival because your mother cancelled two weeks ago.”

Emily sighs a long sigh. “YES! I know! Mummy and Daddy decided to have an impromptu “holiday”, leaving me behind to cope with foreign savages! Apparently, it’s for my own good, but so far I highly doubt her wisdom in this matter…”

“Yes, okay. But seeing as you weren’t signed up for camp, I will have to make arrangements to have you sleep in Cabin Toadstool, the counselor’s cabin, but that’s okay, I can share.”


“SHARE A BEDROOM!” Emily screeches. “I positively refuse to share a bedroom with someone, let alone someone inferior!”

“Well, I’m sorry sweetheart, but this isn’t Buckingham Palace!” Amber retorts.

“Now, Amber,” Kit reminds, then turns to Emily. “I’m sorry, Emily, but if you had booked earlier – or at all – other arrangements could have been made. As it is, I’m afraid we will deal with the circumstances. I will do my part, and I expect you to do yours.”


“Absolutely not!” Emily replies loudly. “Right, I am going to call Mummy. I expect she’ll come back from the Caribbean for me, and if not, I will contact the Queen of England herself. Now if you’ll excuse me-!” And she stalked away.

“Yeah, you go ahead and try, Emily!” Amber shouts after her. “And maybe you’ll realize that she doesn’t dare come back!”

“AMBER!” Kit exclaims.

“Well, she was asking for it,” Amber murmurs.

“Go look for her. The fact is, she’s stuck here, and if she runs away, then we’ll be held responsible. I’ll hold down the fort.”

“Fine!” Amber says and walks away.


Kit sighs. “Well, that’s a trouble spot, but the other two seem very friendly! How am I going to be a good counselor? Any advice for me? I want to make sure that by the end of camp Amber and Emily haven’t ripped each other apart, if you know what I mean… But oh well. Emily or no Emily, I’m going to make this summer fan-TAST-ic!” She cracks a smile and whistles as she works through the other paperwork.


We hope you enjoyed our start to camp! Are you going to camp?

The dolls xx




Kit the Postwoman

Hello, sweeties! It’s your favorite Kit here! How are you this fine Sunday? It’s a gorgeous day, isn’t it? No, really, isn’t it?

Oh, yeah.

I suppose you must be really angry at us right now.

OK, OK, that idea totally back-fired. Posting more? Hilarious! Therefore, we have fired Willow from Doll-lightful Days Inc. for her ridiculous idea. The nerve of her.

Except it’s actually a very good idea and we’re sorry and we are once again epic failures.

Well, at least you get a post now. Do enjoy!



It was the 14th of February. In this modern era, it was known as Valentine’s Day. A day to celebrate that “special someone” in your life, or an excuse to eat candy. When this time of the year swung round, Lady Bennett did neither. She had realized long ago that she was destined to be an old spinster (even though she was only in her twenties) and was on a strict diet, consisting of cups and cups of tea. She did, however, still believe in love, so settled with her faithful dog Molly in her favorite armchair to satisfy her passion for books… this afternoon’s read being a classic piece of historical literature. As the sun descended outside the windows of her library, she heard someone knock on the lion knocker on her front door. Startled – for she rarely received visitors – she cleared her throat. “Enter.”

She heard the front door creak open, and the sound of footsteps entering her library. All of a sudden, Molly rushed to the visitor in the door frame. She sighed, tearing her eyes away from her book, and –


“My dear Kit!” she exclaimed, dropping her book in surprise. “You haven’t aged a day.”

“Neither have you, Lady Bennett,” Kit replied politely.

“Oh, none of that nonsense. I know we didn’t quite “hit it off”, as you Americans say, but we are very old friends, and I expect nothing else but Willow. Now, you must tell me what has happened since we saw each other last.”

Kit hid a smile. “It’s really happening, Willow. I just got hired as a reporter for the town newspaper.”

“Goodness gracious! I congratulate you heartily! I’m not being interviewed now, am I?”

“Not yet! But beforehand, I’ve been doing odds and ends… I’m currently a postwoman. How about you?”

“I discovered that my aunt of late has left me an inheritance beyond my comprehension. That would explain the title, of course, and the large house, and the newspaper article, and the documentary they are filming of my life to its current point… but never mind that. Have you come to deliver something?”


“Yup,” Kit replied. “I’ve got a whole package for you!”

“A package?” Willow answered, stunned. “For me?”

“Open it!” Kit urged.


“Well, knock me over the head and crack my teapot!” Willow exclaimed. “They’re valentines!”

And indeed they were. Her old friends, Amber and Emma, had each sent her a caring note, along with two from the postwoman.

“I thought…” Willow’s voice quivered, and she stopped for a moment. “I thought they had forgotten.”

“Nonsense!” Kit shouted, applying Willow’s phrase. “They never would.”


“Oh, Kit, darling,” Willow said. “Thank you, kindly. And you – ” her voice took on a hint of anger – “must never disappear into the blue again! Don’t you dare move away to some horrid country, or just stay out of touch once more. Believe me, I have had quite a time trying to find you.”

“I’m terribly sorry, Willow,” replied Kit meekly. “I suppose we all haven’t kept in touch. But you are to read about me soon in the newspapers!”

“Excellent! Please, do pop in again very soon. I will put on a nice cuppa and we will have a proper chat. Shall we say next Wednesday?”

Every Wednesday,” Kit promised as she departed, happy to finally find her friend again.


On the other side of town, Amber J. paced her chic apartment up and down. “I can’t just pack some cute trousers… I must find an ideal sundress!” she muttered to herself as she rummaged through her cupboards. “Oh, how will I ever fit all my outfits into this miniscule suitcase? I am not prepared to meet Rio this way!” she wailed. “They had better have some stylish outfits there… preferably on sale…and then I should buy a new ginormous suitcase there… maybe with my logo on it!” She stood still in the middle of her room and stared at her suitcase. “Well, this is as good as it’s gonna get,” she sighed as the buzzer sounded downstairs. “Um… come in?” she shouted into the intercom. “Probably Ashley coming to wish me bon voyage,” she murmured.


“Not Ashley, but a very old friend!” cried a voice from the corner. Amber looked up, startled.

“Kit, darling! Look at you!” she screamed. “Has it been ages, or what?”


“Oh, sweetie, where have you been? Don’t answer that; I know. My very own reporter!” Amber whispered in awe.

“Right next to the article about the up-and-coming fashion designer,” Kit teased.

“Oh, darling, that’s nothing,” Amber said, blushing. “Please, do sit down.”


“Now why on earth do you decide to appear all of a sudden? It’s not something I did, is it?”

“Yeah… about that…” Kit sighed. “I’m really sorry. One thing led to another, and now I’m a postwoman. I came to deliver these.” Kit handed Amber a thick envelope with a red stamp.

Snail mail?!?!” Amber caught her breath. “Wow, I almost forgot paper existed!”


“And valentines from the gang themselves!” Amber crowed. “Magnifique!! Oh, Kit, how are they?”

“Lovely, as always,” Kit replied. “They really miss us.”

“We should totally hang out again. I sort of lost touch too.”

“Why not tomorrow?”

“Well, I’m going to Rio…”


“Long story.”


“Darling, Kit, you must come again. You don’t easily forget best friends, you know! You aren’t getting out of my sight again! How about next Thursday? Oh no, sorry, meeting with Coco.”


“Yes, Chanel. How about the following Tuesday?”

Every Tuesday,” Kit promised as she strolled out. “Magnefique,” she murmured to herself, smiling.


In the town’s woods, the only sound that could be heard was the graceful sound of violins coming from a stereo. Next to it, Emma Hawthorne sat stone-still… but her mind was moving a thousand miles a minute. “If the supporting character’s uncle perishes, what effects would that have on the protagonist? Should the antagonist really marry Mr. Fitzgerald? Or would she marry Sir Dance-a-Lot? And the age-old question: How big would the army be that comes to find me if I kill my protagonist off?” She sighed drearily. “Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Why don’t books write themselves?” She heard footfalls coming towards her and closed her eyes. “Not again. Peace and quiet is all I ask for, not more autograph-seekers, well-wishers, and especially no squirrels…”


“Hi, Emma,” Kit said timidly.

“Squirrels are just about the most annoying creatures on this fine earth… especially when they nest in your hair. Definitely no squirrels, not now, not ever… and preferably no other breathing things as well.”

“And how about very old friends?” asked Kit sneakily.

Emma smiled.


“Well, you don’t count, I suppose.” Then, “fellow writers must stick together,” Emma said furiously.

“Yeah, I know, I haven’t been ‘sticking’,” Kit admitted.

“No one has! No letters from anybody! Now what is the meaning of that?”

“I didn’t think you would be complaining about not enough letters. I hear you get plenty of fan mail,” Kit argued.

“The perks of being a best-selling author,” Emma added sarcastically.


“No one has forgotten anyone,” Kit stated, holding letters out to Emma. “Look see, I’m a postwoman now. Fresh on the job.”

“A postwoman!” Emma exclaimed. “Perfect profession for the antagonist’s uncle. Thanks, Kit.”

“Glad to help,” Kit muttered.


Emma sighed in relief. “No more fan mail!” She picked up the valentines and gasped. “Friend mail!” She giggled, a sound she rarely made. “Oh, lovely. I shall enjoy these very much, thank you.” She gave Kit a smile, and suddenly pulled her close.


“I miss you,” she said, and gave her a quick kiss. “No more disappearing, no more anything. You come and visit me often.”

“Can I bring my squirrels?” Kit asked playfully.

“I’m serious. I’m not leaving my best friend again.”


“I’ll be coming back… is Monday okay? Or is that book-signing day?” Kit started to walk off.

“Hmmmm, if Mary gets a new puppy, will that be a huge impact on her leprechaun?” Emma muttered.

“OK, bye now!” Kit shouted.

“Or will her leprechaun run away beforehand…”


Kit sighed. What a day! Being reunited with all her friends! She decided to throw a massive party when her article was published and invite all of them. Or maybe they could get together once a week? They should never have left each other, forgetting was too easy to do…

She suddenly realized that she had more letters to deliver.


“To Kit, to Kit Kittredge – say, they’re all for me!” she yelled. And there was one from each of her friends. Kit could have jumped for joy. “Apparently forgetting isn’t easy enough!” she shouted. She was very happy to have friends ❤


Valentine links:






Spring cleaning



Saturday, 10:00. Willow was the only one still sleeping even as the sun blazed into her room. The other dolls were downstairs having breakfast, trying not to disturb her.


A bird loudly chirped and she woke up, stretching to the sky…


…and promptly falling out of bed. “Ugh… not again! Beds were sure not this narrow in the 1940s!”


She sighed and stood up. “Been meaning to move this table anyway…”


“MUCH better! Now I won’t hit it every time I fall out of bed… or I could just get a bigger bed…” She left the room, still muttering and passed Amber in the hallway.

“Where are you off to?”

“Good morning to you too! I just wanted to get my doll, I’ll be there!”

Amber entered the room and –


“Who did this!?!” she shrieked and crossed the room quickly. “Oh no no no, this cannot do! There’s no room for gymnastics anymore!”


“‘Talk about a morning workout…”


“And while I’m at it, I’ve been wanting to move the bed for a while, especially now that I’ve been exercising!”


Push, push, push, PUSH…


“Move Kit’s desk over here…”


“SO much better!!!” Amber exclaimed before she leaves the room, brushing past Kit in the hallway.

“Be there soon, Amber, just getting our clipboard…”


Except Kit forgot all about the clipboard when she entered the bedroom. “Oi! Who moved the bed?”


“Why we even NEED to change this bedroom around is beyond me…”


“And Miss Mystery moved my desk! What was THAT for?” Kit continued as she moved the furniture.


“But I s’pose it’s a good thing she did, whoever ‘she’ is. I just need to write that one letter…” Kit settled her desk and sat down, ready to write, when Amber called her from downstairs. “Coming!!!” she replied as she left the room.

Momentarily Emma returned. “Why did Kit forget that clipboard, she was just in there!” she murmured as she entered the room, than raised her arms in shock.




“Guess I’m going to do it myself…”


“And I’ve been wanting to pull that storage box in from the hall way for ages now,” Emma reflected as she tugged a pink box into the room. “Well, it’s not so much of a shame after all that Kit just left without tidying, because she reminded me!”


“THERE! That just adds SO MUCH to this room, it’s a wonder we managed without it!” She dusted off her hands, satisfied and went downstairs, calling, “Willow, you need to make your bed!”

“Here I am!” Willow exclaimed, and entered the room.


“HUH? I just moved that table, and what’s this box doing in here? GIRLS!!!!!!” She exclaimed as she pushed the box out to the hall way again.


At once all the dolls entered, each of them surprised at something or other in the room.

“Didn’t I move the bed that way?”

“I opened my desk, so why is it closed?”

“Why is the table still there?”


“Hang on,” Kit yelled, and all the girls sat down. “Weren’t we all here just this morning?” As the doll’s nodded, she continued, “So maybe we corrected our own changes to this room, and made some of our own?”

The girls were silent as they realized this, and Kit explained the whole story, until…


They couldn’t stop laughing!

The girls apologized for moving their stuff and being a bit mean to each other 🙂

We wrote this post to ask you: do you like our more theme? We might have new colors, themes, and more ‘spring cleaning’ in the near future, so don’t be surprised 🙂 Enjoy!!!

Story written by Kit Kittredge





A ‘Sinterklaas’ Surprise!!

Hello readers! Your favorite reporter is back! (Aka, Kit Kittredge!!) Over here at Doll-lightful Days, we just celebrated Sinterklaas! Sinterklaas is sort of the Dutch Christmas. It’s a real big deal! Sinterklaas is a person who looks a bit like Santa Claus, but he has a big golden staff and a pointy hat with a cross on it. His helpers are Zwarte Piete. These helpers dress in colorful clothing and hats and put black powder on their faces. They dance around Sinterklaas and give out pepernoten (a small Dutch cookie associated with Sinterklaas) to children. On the 5th of December, the Dutch children put their shoes out – often with something for Sinterklaas’ horse inside – and later on in the evening, the shoes are stuffed with presents! (To see more, visit It’s a fun holiday… except this time, I was the only one who remembered it!


“YOU GUYS YOU GUYS YOU GUYS YOU GUYS!!! Sinterklaas is in the neighborhood and he’s about to go back to Spain because the 5th of December is already passed – but we forgot about it – AND HE’S ABOUT TO LEAVE C’MON GUYS LET’S GO!!!”

“Kit… could you slow down?”


“Okay, look. We all need to choose a pair of shoes and set them together in this room and Sinterklaas will come and put some presents inside.”

“What Kit means,” Emma explained, “is that there’s a Dutch holiday called Sinterklaas. On the 5th of December he comes to your house and puts presents inside your shoe. It’s like Santa Claus, only with shoes instead of stockings. This year, we’ve been a bit late, but because he and his companions are in the neighborhood, he may still fill them up.” And then she went on to explain all I just said, which made me a bit anxious because Emma tends to ramble and we might not have had time for Sinterklaas at all.


Because this is the first Sinterklaas Amber and Willow have celebrated with us, they got to choose their shoes first. Amber immediately snatched the big boots – “because I’ll have lots of presents that way!!”

Willow chose the 1930’s shoes because she says it was something she and Molly would wear. Hmmm. Must find out who this mysterious Molly is she keeps going on about…


I chose sporty trainers and Emma went for plain sandals.

“OK, now we set our shoes together in a row…”


Amber put her shoes where Sinterklaas would see them first, and the rest of us put ours dutifully beside. (By the way, do you like our redecorated room? We find it’s very colorful :D)

We went to another room, and 10 minutes later Amber eagerly went to check…



We filed into the room as Amber cheered: “PRESENTS! Yay, presents are the BEST!”


Our shoes were LOADED with them!


Emma, Willow and I unpacked our goodies on the bed. We each got a little toy and an American Girl magazine! We were holding our toys and flicking through the magazine articles when we heard a little sob…


Amber stared down into her shoes… which were only filled with lumps of coal!


Emma immediately went to comfort her and generously gave Amber her magazine (she knew how much Amber liked them). “You know what, Amber,” she told her. “Maybe you got coal because you looked at the presents more than the family time. Perhaps it was because you focused on personal gain instead of… y’know… the holiday spirit?”

“That’s true,” Amber said thoughtfully.


“That’s very very true. I didn’t have as much fun this time because I only wanted gifts instead of being with you guys! You know what, I’m not going to do THAT again!”

Lesson learned!

Have a good day!!!


Kit in White: A photoshoot

Hello eager readers! We have so much to post we just can’t STAND it! Human’s vacation was in Romania…. and she left us behind! Amber says the dress she brought back makes up for it (that’s another post!).

I never thought I’d be starting this month with this photoshoot. This is NOT one of our better photoshoots at all! The light was a bit too dim, but we’re still going to post it –  we all learn from our mistakes!

So, voila “Kit in White”…


Your favorite reporter in her all-white outfit.


Looking at the greenery.


A pose by the tree. One of the better ones…


On the fence.


Among God’s beautiful creation!


To me a lilac symbolizes hope in that picture. That was the only sprig of lilac on the bush – like, it’s not completely winter yet, summer is still hanging on. That lilac is probably gone, now.


Profile shot.

See you later for better pics!



Hi everybody! It’s Kit, posting for one of the first times since the summer! I’ve missed you girls SO much – and we’re SO sorry for not having posted. We love this blog and do not want to give it up, but school keeps getting in the way! We’ll keep trying, okay?

Anyway, the other day the weather was lovely, and Grace was begging for a walk… have any of you ever tried to resist such a cute dog? So, I went for a stroll.


You can see the absolutely beautiful autumn weather we’ve been having here – but that still doesn’t mean I leave my coat behind. Not with unpredictable Holland!

Seeing I was not used to seeing Amber being eccentric because she was gone during the summer, I was very surprised when I saw a crazy sight:


“Amber! You’re crazy!” I shouted to my friend pushing a colorful, flower-y pumpkin. I could have known it was fake from a mile away. But Amber obviously didn’t. Panting, she stopped by the pumpkin and grinned.

“Well, happy October to you too. I could use a bit of help around here.”

“Feeling okay?” I asked uncertainly. You don’t push a pumpkin half your size everyday, after all.

“What, me? Fine.”


“Okay then.” I walked over. I’m good with ideas, and in no time we were plotting our scheme.


Plan in action! Amber tried to lift up the pumpkin from one side while I am on the other…. it was going fine until…


“Ugh I can’t take it anymore.” Amber flopped across the pumpkin. “How come I have the hardest job anyway?”

“Hardest job? How would you like to take care of a crazy dog?” I asked, shooing Grace off my lap.


“Okay, you win.”

“Nope, none of us do. The pumpkin is a fake.”


“For goodness sake, Amber. It’s soft and it’s got patterns – not only that, but different ones. Hard to miss and VERY fake.”

“Oh well. Guess I won’t be adding that one to my pumpkin collection.”

“Wait, which pumpkin collection?”


Amber lead me to her designated “pumpkin patch” and proudly showed me her lonely pumpkin.

“What, that’s it? Is that even a pumpkin?”

“Just because it’s green doesn’t make it not a pumpkin,” Amber retorted, tripping over her words. “And yes, that’s “it”. It does take a while to find pumpkins.”

“Well, maybe I can help,” I said. “Let’s see who can find the most pumpkins!” I thought it would be very easy to defeat Amber’s pitiful pumpkin. Not that making her motivated would hurt, either.

“You’re on!”


“On your mark, get set, go!!!!”


Amber looked around in the flowering plants. “I always thought pumpkins would be here,” she muttered, lifting up the leaves.


Meanwhile I decided to glance around the dark places where rarely anyone goes…. through the desolate, flowerless bushes I peered…


And came out with a pumpkin! Sure, it hadn’t seen light for a while, but it definitely was a pumpkin!


“Maybe pumpkins will be in THESE flowers,” Amber said with determination after she heard my triumphant cry – but still, no luck for her.


“I always knew pumpkins grew in grass!” I yelled as I spotted a big pumpkin. Amber groaned and kept looking – and finally found one!


“YES!” Amber cried. “Just like it says in the fairy tales, pumpkins grow on trees!”

“I don’t think that’s in fairy tales…”



We stood, looking at each other with our pumpkins behind us. “Well, we’re even,” Amber announced.

“I found the most pumpkins in the race,” I contradicted.

“I found the most overall, if you count the fake pumpkin,” Amber argued.

“I- hey, where’s Grace?”

“There!” Amber shouted.


“What on earth?” we exclaimed as Grace came towards us…


Pushing a pumpkin!


Winner group shot! Yeah, we’re all winners. I wonder what we’re going to do with the pumpkins. Sell them or eat them? Well since only Amber can cook, maybe we should sell them, but that may come in our next adventure!

Life is never boring!


Meet the Dolls Updated!

Hey girls! It’s Kit! I’m SO happy to be back posting on this blog… but for now, I’m only posting a little something: We updated our Meet the Dolls page! Now you can see our favorites, personalities, etc in an easier way! We will add Willow to the page later. Enjoy and look for a fun back to school post soon!




A Cabin Tour

Hi everyone! It’s Kit Kittredge, your favorite reporting doll! I’m sorry we haven’t posted in so long. School was finishing up for us and we didn’t have time (well, Emma SAYS she didn’t have time, but she was trying to get ahead in schoolwork, I know). Except just this Friday school finished and we were FREE!


The minute school finished I raced out of the classroom to get set up for Camp Doll Diaries. This year, I was chosen as the camp leader – aren’t I fortunate? It turned out there was nothing for me to do, so I got to take a look around the camp. So I saw the camp cabins!


This will be Amber and Emma’s cabin. It’s right next to mine, only separated by a small curtain (this means, of course, that if I hear them talking at night when they are not supposed to, they are BUSTED! – as Amber says). There are two bunk beds with coordinating bedspreads, :), shelves to put their clothes on, a modern blue, pink and white bedside table, a table to write on for camp assignments or letters to home, a stool and several cool posters/a flag.


Don’t you like the posters? They’ll go crazy over them!


My room is the best room – ahem, really cool. It’s got such a cute bed, a bedside table with a bird design, a stool, a calendar and two posters! I’m really happy with it even though it’s smaller! I imagine I’ll get lots of visits from my friends…


Here are the posters. You can see the famous Camp Doll Diaries sign at the top. It’s an awesome camp, you can look it up virtually at The introduction post is here:, and the Doll Diaries website is here:


Even though we’re like a month behind because of school, get ready, girls, to pack your bags! Camp Doll Diaries is coming up soon! We hope to post more about our camping adventures!


Kit’s Birthday Party

Hello everybody! It’s Kit! (Yes, I know, I’ve been getting a lot of the spotlight here, but a birthday is a big thing! You’ll have to wait for November for Emma’s birthday and February for Amber’s birthday, though.)

Anyway, my best friends surprised me with a party! I had NO idea what they were doing, and it was sort of spooky (I’d go, “What’s happening?”, Amber would go, “Nothing.” , and Emma would go, “Well… you’ll find out…”) but when I saw the party room I was shocked!


Wow! Lots of food and decorations! My best friends are stars!


Here I am with the whole food table! There was nothing else in the room except for this – plenty of space to party.

Now, the problem was, this was a surprise party – so I had no idea who was coming! But it could have been worse. There were girls mainly my age and my teacher, as well as Emma and Amber!


Here we all are. After everyone came Amber welcomed everybody and then started the dance competition (“Musical Statues”). We had to dance to 30’s music… and I have no idea how Amber managed to acquire those songs, because those were my favorites. I hadn’t heard them in so long.

We all dance in different ways! Amber, Emma and I really went for it, but Gretel (purple dress, green hat) just sat down and did movements with her arms! Tacy (small, red dress) was doing the splits, and she was the star of the show. Grace joined in – and I am surprised with what that dog can do if she sets her mind to it! Natalie (brown hair, pink clothing) would go insignificantly away from all the action, so when the music stopped, no one would notice if she moved… and she wouldn’t get “out”! (The judges were the girls against the wall).


But she eventually did, and it was only Grace and I left. No one was surprised that I was still in, because with my knowledge of the music and my determination to do anything (like stay still) when I set my mind to it. But everyone was surprised when I moved, just a tad… and Grace won! The lucky dog got to eat one of Emma’s cupcakes, the grand prize.


Then, it was time for food. There were two boxes of pizza, fruit, chips, ice cream, cookies, Coca – Cola and chocolate milk! Here I am with my mushroom pizza and my Coca – Cola (but that’s not ALL I took) – and let me tell you, it was great!

After everyone was full, Amber announced the second game. She had hidden pictures of me all over the room and we had to find them!


“Yes! Here’s one!” Emma exclaimed, holding the picture of my favorite movie!


“Found another!” Gretel shouted. She went to great lengths to get that one, stretching over the food table to reach it…


And then, we stuck the pictures on a sheet of paper and made a collage! It’s like a giant birthday card from my friends!


It was time to cut the cake… Amber cut it into thirds and then we all got a piece. Well done Amber, it was delicious!


Present time! I must admit that that’s one of my favorite times. Little did I know, though, what was inside! It was…


A LAPTOP?!?!! AWESOME!!!! My friends are  so kind!!!!! Now, I can post here without borrowing my Mom’s computer (that takes so long). This is my first post with my computer, actually!

But there was more…


OH MY GOODNESS. Can this be real?


It’s a kit with some paper to write on, a Reporter’s Notebook, some writing utensils and A CAMERA!!!!!!

Okay, so the camera came free with the laptop. BUT STILL!!!!

And then, that wasn’t all, they said, because Emma turned the box in a way…


THAT WOULD MAKE A DESK! So that’s why the box was so big! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was an amazing party – not just the presents, I had fun all the time! I realized how much my friends care about me, and that is a very nice feeling!

What was your favorite birthday party?


A Birthday Breakfast

(Normal text is Kit) , (Underlined text is Amber) , (Italic text is Emma)

Hello, this is Kit! And Amber! As well as Emma! (Just saying, the idea of talking all at once comes from the blog Well anyway, before we continue, we have a few things to say… like, we won’t be taking billions of photos. That’s sad, because photos are a form, but hopefully this means that there will more photos in the long run. Memory space only lasts for so long. But it’s better than in 30’s! True, true…

Also, we won’t always be posting in the same order. (That being, me, Amber then Emma.) So the posts might be by one person a couple times, then another… you get it.

Thirdly, a big – shout out to our followers! We are truly honored that Aunt Kirsten and Willbardsgirl have started following our blog. Thank you VERY much! We hope you enjoy the blog!! Now girls, move out of the way, this is MY post.

Guess what – it was recently my birthday! I woke up to Amber singing (was it a nice song? IT’S MY TURN!!!) “Happy Birthday” and something heavy on my lap. It turns out my best friends had cooked for me a birthday breakfast!


Amber cooked me a GIANT waffle  and Emma supplied the jam, peanut butter and nutella, along with the crackers. How sweet! I used nutella on my waffle, then jam and peanut butter on my crackers.


Would you believe it, Emma even baked something! She baked me a cupcake! It was delicious, too. Here I am with my hot chocolate and cupcake.


My friends said that the real present would come later at my birthday party, but for now, they gave me an ADORABLE teddy! Thank you, girls!


And they said we could do what I wanted today! Hmmm… in Cincinnati I used to spend a LOT of time in the trees. What are those trees like for climbing? My ideas shoot as high as the stars!