Gardening with Amber – a TV spoof

Good morning!!


Welcome to Gardening with Amber (Season 1, Episode 1), a five-star mystery/action/lame gardening show sponsored by Doll-lightful Days TV! This episode (called: “Sorry, poor, freezing Americans”), the epic series starter, shows Amber investigating the various clues left around the garden and concluding… well, you have to watch to find out! Over to Amber.

Amber: Hello my darlings! Welcome to the garden! As you can see, I am ready to explore with my ultra-stylish gardening outfit!! By the front door we have stationed a cluster of beautiful flowers. Now, these were not found in our garden, because our garden has been pre-tty  busy…


Amber: Get a load of this! We are well into our snowdrop season and have already started on the crocuses! Piece of evidence #1: flowers!



Amber travels across the front yard, hunting for clues…!

Amber: Further investigation shows that crocuses are not the only flowers that are sprouting… these hyacinths are getting a head start too! Hyacinths don’t only come in pink, but also in purple, white, etc… who knows, we soon might have a whole spectrum! Evidence #2: More flowers! Follow me, we’re off to the backyard!





In the backyard, there aren’t as many pieces of evidence, but Amber crawls through bushes to find a huge clue!

Amber: Purple isn’t the only variety crocuses come in…. yellow and white too! So pretty! Evidence #3: EVEN MORE flowers! OK, I think that’s all here. Kit, move out.


Amber pops inside for a rest and spots piece of evidence number four: store bought flowers (yaaaayyy).

Amber: If the stores are selling lots of bright flowers, that’s probably a sign too! Evidence #4: ARE THERE ANY OTHER CLUES OR ARE THEY ALL JUST FLOWERS?


Back in the studio against a completely fake backdrop, Amber changes into a less ridiculous outfit.


Amber: Have you solved the mystery yet? Let’s take a look at our evidence!


Copyright Emma Hawthorne, NOT KIT KITTREDGE

Amber: Lots of crocuses and other various flowers, store bought, or not! So from this evidence I have concluded… ready…


Collective sigh from Emma and Willow.

Well folks, that concludes it for season 1, episode 1! Buy the new, extended DVD soon with this special feature:



A Kit Kittredge production, starring the famous Willow McIntire; Cannibal Flowers! Join your favorite gardener and her short, varied and plastic companions as they discover the flowers that plan to consume the human race…


And an never-see-before animated short, How Far Can He Push The Pumpkin? (Disclosure: We know it has nothing at all to do with gardening, flowers, or the current season, but lets all pretend it does.)

Only for $49.99! Buy it now before they run out!

Director: Kit Kittredge

Starring: Amber J. Williams as Strange Unfashionable Garden Weirdo

Costumes/props: Emma Hawthorne

Set design: Willow McIntire

Alien noises in background (music): Various humani

A Doll-lightful Days production, 2014, The Netherlands

Doll-lightful Days TV

Ratings: “I have never been so bored in my life!” – John Smith, Nevada

“The worst thing the television has yet to show; building igloos is more fun than THIS!” – Eva Johnson, Antartica

“The best show I have ever had the privilege to watch!” Nobody, Ever

Copyright: Kit Kittredge

Idea: Kit Kittredge

Credit goes to: Kit Kittredge

All hail the wonderful: Kit Kittredge

“Kit, okay, that’s enough!”

Disclosure: We may or may not be illegally constructing these flowers, filming these flowers and/or commenting on these flowers. These flowers have their own freedom of speech, and we are terribly sorry if we have offended any of them.





Kit in White: A photoshoot

Hello eager readers! We have so much to post we just can’t STAND it! Human’s vacation was in Romania…. and she left us behind! Amber says the dress she brought back makes up for it (that’s another post!).

I never thought I’d be starting this month with this photoshoot. This is NOT one of our better photoshoots at all! The light was a bit too dim, but we’re still going to post it –  we all learn from our mistakes!

So, voila “Kit in White”…


Your favorite reporter in her all-white outfit.


Looking at the greenery.


A pose by the tree. One of the better ones…


On the fence.


Among God’s beautiful creation!


To me a lilac symbolizes hope in that picture. That was the only sprig of lilac on the bush – like, it’s not completely winter yet, summer is still hanging on. That lilac is probably gone, now.


Profile shot.

See you later for better pics!



Hi everybody! It’s Kit, posting for one of the first times since the summer! I’ve missed you girls SO much – and we’re SO sorry for not having posted. We love this blog and do not want to give it up, but school keeps getting in the way! We’ll keep trying, okay?

Anyway, the other day the weather was lovely, and Grace was begging for a walk… have any of you ever tried to resist such a cute dog? So, I went for a stroll.


You can see the absolutely beautiful autumn weather we’ve been having here – but that still doesn’t mean I leave my coat behind. Not with unpredictable Holland!

Seeing I was not used to seeing Amber being eccentric because she was gone during the summer, I was very surprised when I saw a crazy sight:


“Amber! You’re crazy!” I shouted to my friend pushing a colorful, flower-y pumpkin. I could have known it was fake from a mile away. But Amber obviously didn’t. Panting, she stopped by the pumpkin and grinned.

“Well, happy October to you too. I could use a bit of help around here.”

“Feeling okay?” I asked uncertainly. You don’t push a pumpkin half your size everyday, after all.

“What, me? Fine.”


“Okay then.” I walked over. I’m good with ideas, and in no time we were plotting our scheme.


Plan in action! Amber tried to lift up the pumpkin from one side while I am on the other…. it was going fine until…


“Ugh I can’t take it anymore.” Amber flopped across the pumpkin. “How come I have the hardest job anyway?”

“Hardest job? How would you like to take care of a crazy dog?” I asked, shooing Grace off my lap.


“Okay, you win.”

“Nope, none of us do. The pumpkin is a fake.”


“For goodness sake, Amber. It’s soft and it’s got patterns – not only that, but different ones. Hard to miss and VERY fake.”

“Oh well. Guess I won’t be adding that one to my pumpkin collection.”

“Wait, which pumpkin collection?”


Amber lead me to her designated “pumpkin patch” and proudly showed me her lonely pumpkin.

“What, that’s it? Is that even a pumpkin?”

“Just because it’s green doesn’t make it not a pumpkin,” Amber retorted, tripping over her words. “And yes, that’s “it”. It does take a while to find pumpkins.”

“Well, maybe I can help,” I said. “Let’s see who can find the most pumpkins!” I thought it would be very easy to defeat Amber’s pitiful pumpkin. Not that making her motivated would hurt, either.

“You’re on!”


“On your mark, get set, go!!!!”


Amber looked around in the flowering plants. “I always thought pumpkins would be here,” she muttered, lifting up the leaves.


Meanwhile I decided to glance around the dark places where rarely anyone goes…. through the desolate, flowerless bushes I peered…


And came out with a pumpkin! Sure, it hadn’t seen light for a while, but it definitely was a pumpkin!


“Maybe pumpkins will be in THESE flowers,” Amber said with determination after she heard my triumphant cry – but still, no luck for her.


“I always knew pumpkins grew in grass!” I yelled as I spotted a big pumpkin. Amber groaned and kept looking – and finally found one!


“YES!” Amber cried. “Just like it says in the fairy tales, pumpkins grow on trees!”

“I don’t think that’s in fairy tales…”



We stood, looking at each other with our pumpkins behind us. “Well, we’re even,” Amber announced.

“I found the most pumpkins in the race,” I contradicted.

“I found the most overall, if you count the fake pumpkin,” Amber argued.

“I- hey, where’s Grace?”

“There!” Amber shouted.


“What on earth?” we exclaimed as Grace came towards us…


Pushing a pumpkin!


Winner group shot! Yeah, we’re all winners. I wonder what we’re going to do with the pumpkins. Sell them or eat them? Well since only Amber can cook, maybe we should sell them, but that may come in our next adventure!

Life is never boring!


Review of OG outfit!!

Hello girls! This is Amber, posting in bold print today… because I’m not the only one posting. It’s me, Willow McIntire here too! I’m really thrilled to be on this blog. (I didn’t really invite her, even though Willow and I are quite good friends now. ) Actually, my real name is Emily Bennett, but I go by Willow now. (She makes sure to get the details down, I see.) Today I’ll be reviewing an Our Generation outfit called “Oh my Posh!” England is very posh so this is interesting to review! (I thought she was shy…) So anyway – OK, Willow, that’s enough now.

First, we’ve got some announcements:

a) We transferred our blog! We hope everything went smoothly, but if something is up, please just post it in the comments, Oh yeah, it would be helpful if you commented to say everything is OK!! I hope it is. Amber was nervous. (WAS NOT!)

b) I’m sorry for not posting. We’ve been quite busy wrapping up in the States and only today we returned to The Netherlands, our home! Kit and Emma are here and I haven’t seen them in ages!! I haven’t met them yet! But we hope that things return back to normal… maybe even more posts than normal? I hope I can be part of them! *awkward silence*

Anyway, back to the outfit! This is our first Our Generation outfit, and when we opened it up, the packaging impressed me a lot. They had lots of notices, a reusable tray and the box could re-wrap itself. And then when I saw the outfit, I saw why the called it Oh My Posh… because I went “Oh my posh!” too!!

Human chose Willow to model, so I guess I’ll let Willow take over now!



Hello, it’s Willow here! I’m excited to be posting on this blog! Anyway, here is the Our Generation outfit. The set includes a jacket, a matching skirt, tights, shoes, a hat and a miniature catalog.



Here’s a side view. I like this outfit a lot, it is oh my posh. This outfit is made for slimmer dolls so it is a little bit of a squeeze. Also, the coat sheds quite a bit onto my body… not very posh under the jacket!





The shoes are cute but not by far American Girl quality. (I’m comparing these to the flats that were worn by one of the latest My American Girl outfits. Same style but much cheaper.)



The hat is cute! I love the spotty scheme, and if you are to go cute and posh, this it the pattern.



It can also be worn without the hat. Of course, mixing and matching! Mr. Fox and I smile at the camera. This fox won’t run away!


Dreaming, I’m dreaming, of England, I’m dreaming…


I really love nature as well as this outfit!



And Amber, too!


Picnic with a stranger


Hello, hello, hello… it’s Amber, star of the blog. (And yes, I am wearing Kit’s skirt over my shirt. It acts like a poncho and it’s so cool. I got the idea from Youtube.) Firstly, if you’ve been noticing some blog posts appear and then disappear, Kit changes her mind quite a lot. So please ignore Kit’s outbursts :D. But enough about Kit and time to talk about me.

Recently, when the weather was not too hot and quite comfortable, I decided to take a picnic. Some of this idea comes from Doll Diaries’ hobo picnic ( , except I’m pretty sure hoboes didn’t eat frosted Cheerios and crackers (a weird afternoon snack).


Off I went hiking to find a good place to eat my picnic. BTW, see that the picnic blanket has cows on it? 😀


Here will do! I sat down to eat and realized that the crackers had dropped! I was too lazy, um, comfortable, to get them, though, so I just ate frosted Cheerios. At times, nothing can beat them!

All of a sudden I heard quiet, muffled footsteps. I was confused. Emma and Kit were out, and my mom was inside. Was it a rat? (I hate rats!!)


But no, it wasn’t. It was a doll, I think, but I didn’t recognize those shoes…


All of a sudden her full body came into view. I couldn’t see very well with the light, but I already saw that she was pretty. Her dress was cute too, but it looked old. Her headband was doll-lightful, her shoes too – not my style, though, and it was getting too hot for socks.


Extremely pretty, I thought as she inched along the side of the flowers to join me. And her hair? She’s a redhead! That is just SO cool. Her hair was very silky and smooth. It was such a great length. Then she turned her eyes towards me, and I nearly fell backwards. Her eyes were so piercing it was a bit scary! But they were pretty too, especially their color.

“Hello,” she said in a tiny voice with a British accent. “May I sit with you, please?”


“Hi!” I exclaimed as she came next to me. Then, “do I know you?” I asked politely.

“I’m Emily, Emily Bennett,” she told me simply, smoothing over her dress. “I’m from England and I don’t know where I am.”

I learned that Emily Bennett had come from the 1940s, from England to America, and somehow had lost herself in time. It was confusing, but then again, Kit had done the same. I also learned that Emily was quite quiet but sharp. She was the sort of girl that everyone gushed over her and made her the center of attention. She was trying to impress me, I was sure of it. I think she wanted to hit it off with me. She wouldn’t talk about the war a lot, and when she did, it gave me the impression that she was telling me that she knew more than I did about it. Which was true, but a bit rude.

I told her that she could share my picnic with me, and I said I was sorry that I didn’t have the crackers with me.

“That’s alright,” she replied. “I found some on my way over.”


And there were my crackers in her hand!

“Those are mine!” I cried and when Emily handed them to me, I suddenly realized, she had followed me!


We sat and talked for a bit. She was getting on my nerves a bit, with that flawless English accent and perfect manners to match. She was looking at me a lot too, and informed me I looked like “Molly”. Like who? Who’s Molly?


And then Miss Prissy wanted a tour of where I was staying. I reluctantly gave her one. She seemed quite impressed, nodding but not saying a lot, and she smiled when she saw the garden and spurted out these gardening tips and asked me if I did them. I said no and she told me it was alright, but she gave me a sort of weird look.


So far, I wasn’t liking Emily a whole lot. She’s not very friendly and she seems… I dunno… cold, a lot of the time. I wonder why I haven’t seen her around. If she’s local, I hope she won’t be the sort that always wants to do something with me. I’ve got Kit and Emma for that, thank you.


Before long I had had enough of Miss Bennett and I tried to tell her that I needed to go.

“Jolly good,” she answered. “I was just wondering if you could help me with something.” She showed me a piece of paper. “I’m looking for this address.”

I saw the address. My eyes widened.

“With someone named Amber living there?” Emily prompted, and I remembered I hadn’t told Emily my name.

“Actually – ” It would be so easy to tell Emily that they lived over in North Dakota or something, but she looked at me and held my gaze with those amazing eyes. I figured she must be pretty depressed with the war and all, so I said, “I’m Amber, and this is the address you’re looking for.”

“Jolly good!” she repeated, but this time more stunned.

“Why?” I wondered. “Why do you want to know?”


And her blue eyes met mine, and I knew what she was going to say.

“Because,” she began, and I inwardly groaned. “I’m going to be residing here. I’m the new doll.”

Out of all the ways to ruin a picnic, I think this was number 1.


Emma and the Ducks

Hello girls! It’s Emma here. I went a while ago to see some neighborhood ducks and a little duckling, because after Kit’s birthday, I had the time to relax. I like animals – especially baby animals – and the ducks were not far away, so it was the perfect weekend outing.


There they are! We had brought bread so there were many. I assure you, however, that the weather is much improved now 🙂


There’s the little duckling, along with his mother! I’m sorry that in the photo he just looks like a yellow puffball and he was much cuter in person (rather, duckling). He was a bit shy, unfortunately, but that’s how ducklings are and it’s good for them.


All right, if the duckling was shy, I’d try another duck, even though I was somewhat bashful and not very fond of pictures. The ducks didn’t want to be photographed either – they went away.


It’s not a big deal. I’ll just watch them. They’re the same sort of sight to see as a sunset – pretty, satisfying, interesting. I suppose it’s like that with all nature. You could spend hours in a zoo or just sit in the fields – it’s just beautiful and peaceful. It makes you content.


One last photograph of the ducks and I. Ducks are funny creatures! I enjoyed my visit with them!


From Blossoms to Board Games


Hello! This is Emma, for the first time! I don’t know what to expect, because I’ve never had a blog, so this is going to be a learning experience! If you read this, I’m glad you’re here!! Welcome!


All three of us went outside recently, but Amber and Kit decided to talk about American Girl things – well, I can’t join in there! So, I decided to look at the plum tree’s blossoms.


These blossoms only come out once a year, and not for a very long time. This was my opportunity to see them!


Except, that’s hard to do when you’re on the ground. Here’s a picture of me trying to climb up to see those flowers better. I don’t have the sheer determination and sporty personality as Kit and even Amber surprises me with perseverance (when she’s with her friends), so climbing up took a long time. I thought I would never make it!


But there I was! Aren’t the flowers so pretty?


Smelling the blossoms… so nice! It’s a shame they are going to go away, but then they’ll be back, next year.


They were still there a couple days afterwards, but this time, none of us were content. Amber and Kit love good weather, and I finally agreed that yes, winter has been here for quite a while (winter is my favorite season).


Yet that turned out okay, because Amber had an idea – “Let’s play some games!”


We settled on tic – tac – toe, and I played first against Amber. I thought she would do nicely though, despite the fact that Kit’s the REAL game master.


But, as we kept playing, things did get tricky…


And Amber won. What did I expect, after all?


Amber advanced into “finals”, and Kit was ready.


Yes, she won – naturally! But Amber was such a good sport that she cheered with her, which is so sweet.


Then, we were going to play “Guess Who?”. Seeing I hadn’t played against Kit, I played with her.


What really surprised me that was in nearly no time, I had just about guessed her card.


I had won, so I was against Amber – uh – oh! Amber likes looking at outer – appearances more than any of us (I look for the inner person).



I doubted I would win…


Yes, she wiped me out! Well done, Amber!

Aren’t I fortunate to have pretty flowers and games… and friends?



A Day Outside

Hello, everybody! Welcome to our blog! My name is Kit Kittredge and I’m 11 years old. Amber Williams and Emma Hawthorne will also be posting here. You can read about us on the page, “Meet the Dolls.” This blog will be about the adventures and fun we have together where we live!

Yesterday was a beautiful day! The sun was shining and the sky was blue. We decided to go outside during the afternoon.


Amber was listening to some music on a ledge, in front of a big bush.



Emma was reading the “Meet Rebecca” book again from American Girl with Grace, the dog.

Me? I decided to explore.


Here I am, next to the flowers growing in the back garden. So pretty!!


A rest in the shade.


WOW!! It sure is sunny outside today!!

In the evening, we decided to go outside again, but this time in the front garden. It was much cooler than the afternoon.


Emma convinced Amber to play a word game with her, and here she is demonstrating a concept.

However, I still wanted to look around.


Spring is my favorite season, and it’s nice to see what’s out there.


Do you think I can climb that tree?


Such nice plants!


I finally climbed on top of the car!! That sure took a while, but it’s a nice view.


I came back to the group, and we decided to play a game together – Blind Man’s Bluff. Amber finally caught me, by the way… after a long time.


Then, we just laid on our backs and looked up at the sky. It was all very peaceful…


Until Grace jumped up on me!!


That dog!!