Happy birthday, Willow!!

Ello! It’s Willow here again! I know that my birthday was a long time ago, but we hadn’t celebrated yet. Between Romania and just being jolly busy, we couldn’t do anything until now. And even then I had no idea we were about to have a jolly good time that afternoon…

It was an ordinary day until I got a note. It was stuck on my door and it read:

Dear Willow, don’t worry about lunch today, we’ll take care of it. Could you meet as at about 12:30 today? Oh, and could you wear your cherry-blossom dress? Kit and Emma haven’t seen it on you yet! Amber.

So I slipped my dress on and came on down an hour later… to a huge celebration!!!


“Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday dear Willow….

Happy birthday to you!!!!!”

I was stunned!


And they had prepared a tea for me. They had muffins and iced cake and tea and coffee (that was for Amber. She doesn’t drink tea, she says). They gave me the biggest, chocolate-filled, sweetest piece of cake there was, “To make up for all your lost cakes when you had ration cards!” Kit joked.


They tried to make it a real English tea, but English people wouldn’t in their dreams have that many nice things (in my time). I was laughing at Kit because she was using a milk pitcher instead of a tea cup!

Next were presents. I had quite a decent stack of them and all of them were very thoughtful!


From Mummy, I got a Dutch hat and an adorable dog with a red collar. I’ve already named him Yank after my dog back in the 1940s!


From the non-18 inch dollies, I got a bag and these lovely extras: organizing folders, a restaurant, debit card for shops and a library (for when there are shops, libraries and restaurants. We’re planning on making some, though). Not to mention a sweet teddy-bear!


From Amber, I got a dress like the ones they were wearing. She says it’s because I belong with them now – yipee!


From Kit, I got her favorite book: Dogs Rule. We both have dogs in common, won’t that be fun?


From Emma I got a necklace. The rest have special necklaces, so that gift was very thoughtful.

And then the biggest surprise of all…


I GOT A FLUTOPHONE! (Along with a letter W for Willow with a cute bear.)

Emma says it’s a recorder, but it looks like a flutophone to me. And even though I despised practicing it in the 1940s, I’ve actually been missing it. I can’t wait to learn more songs!



“Actually, we’ve got more to celebrate…”

“Happy birthday to Human too as of October!”

“And we got 10 followers – yay!”

“And 1000+ views on the blog!”


“We’ve had a lovely time!”

“And we have SO much to be thankful for!”


Thanks for the followers AND 1000+ views! We love this blog a lot and hope to keep posting!


Kit’s Birthday Party

Hello everybody! It’s Kit! (Yes, I know, I’ve been getting a lot of the spotlight here, but a birthday is a big thing! You’ll have to wait for November for Emma’s birthday and February for Amber’s birthday, though.)

Anyway, my best friends surprised me with a party! I had NO idea what they were doing, and it was sort of spooky (I’d go, “What’s happening?”, Amber would go, “Nothing.” , and Emma would go, “Well… you’ll find out…”) but when I saw the party room I was shocked!


Wow! Lots of food and decorations! My best friends are stars!


Here I am with the whole food table! There was nothing else in the room except for this – plenty of space to party.

Now, the problem was, this was a surprise party – so I had no idea who was coming! But it could have been worse. There were girls mainly my age and my teacher, as well as Emma and Amber!


Here we all are. After everyone came Amber welcomed everybody and then started the dance competition (“Musical Statues”). We had to dance to 30’s music… and I have no idea how Amber managed to acquire those songs, because those were my favorites. I hadn’t heard them in so long.

We all dance in different ways! Amber, Emma and I really went for it, but Gretel (purple dress, green hat) just sat down and did movements with her arms! Tacy (small, red dress) was doing the splits, and she was the star of the show. Grace joined in – and I am surprised with what that dog can do if she sets her mind to it! Natalie (brown hair, pink clothing) would go insignificantly away from all the action, so when the music stopped, no one would notice if she moved… and she wouldn’t get “out”! (The judges were the girls against the wall).


But she eventually did, and it was only Grace and I left. No one was surprised that I was still in, because with my knowledge of the music and my determination to do anything (like stay still) when I set my mind to it. But everyone was surprised when I moved, just a tad… and Grace won! The lucky dog got to eat one of Emma’s cupcakes, the grand prize.


Then, it was time for food. There were two boxes of pizza, fruit, chips, ice cream, cookies, Coca – Cola and chocolate milk! Here I am with my mushroom pizza and my Coca – Cola (but that’s not ALL I took) – and let me tell you, it was great!

After everyone was full, Amber announced the second game. She had hidden pictures of me all over the room and we had to find them!


“Yes! Here’s one!” Emma exclaimed, holding the picture of my favorite movie!


“Found another!” Gretel shouted. She went to great lengths to get that one, stretching over the food table to reach it…


And then, we stuck the pictures on a sheet of paper and made a collage! It’s like a giant birthday card from my friends!


It was time to cut the cake… Amber cut it into thirds and then we all got a piece. Well done Amber, it was delicious!


Present time! I must admit that that’s one of my favorite times. Little did I know, though, what was inside! It was…


A LAPTOP?!?!! AWESOME!!!! My friends areĀ  so kind!!!!! Now, I can post here without borrowing my Mom’s computer (that takes so long). This is my first post with my computer, actually!

But there was more…


OH MY GOODNESS. Can this be real?


It’s a kit with some paper to write on, a Reporter’s Notebook, some writing utensils and A CAMERA!!!!!!

Okay, so the camera came free with the laptop. BUT STILL!!!!

And then, that wasn’t all, they said, because Emma turned the box in a way…


THAT WOULD MAKE A DESK! So that’s why the box was so big! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was an amazing party – not just the presents, I had fun all the time! I realized how much my friends care about me, and that is a very nice feeling!

What was your favorite birthday party?