Willow’s Wardrobe: Pose and Smile

Hello world, it’s Willow for the next Willow’s Wardrobe!


(Don’t worry, we’ll do some of the other series’ soon!)

I’m here to answer a doll nation-wide problem: modeling! (“How can I pose for pictures?”) Here are a few tips for you:


1. Straight on. Look the camera directly in the eye! This is definitely a common pose, but what are some others?


2. Aerial view. This way, people can get an overview of your outfit and your surrounding ground. Plus, it’s a cool touch 🙂


3. Tilt that camera a bit! Don’t be front-and-centre-stage all the time! Go for a bit of panning – and look away from the camera!


4. Diagonal photos #1. Have your human tilt the camera diagonally while still looking straight at it.


The slightly-distracted look


The caught-sight-of-a-UFO-and-forgot-about-the-camera look

5. Diagonal photos #2. As before, have human tilt the camera… but now – LOOK AWAY!!!

I hope you enjoyed the tips! Have fun posing!!



A Romanian Santa Lucia

Hello readers! Willow here. A while ago Mummy went to Romania, remember? And, she brought something special back for us dollies, a Romanian dress! It also works as a Santa Lucia dress! Santa Lucia is a Scandinavian holiday – to find out more look at http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/517701/St-Lucias-Day.

Here’s the dress, finally revealed!


Natten går tunga fjät/rund gård och stuva; (Night walks with a heavy step/Round yard and hearth;)


kring jord, som sol förlät/skuggorna ruva. (As the sun departs from earth/Shadows are brooding.)


Då i vårt mörka hus/stiger med tända ljus, (There in our dark house/Walking with lit candles,)


Sankta Lucia, Sankta Lucia! (Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia!)

Now, let’s take a look at the dress:



The dress is red and white with puffy sleeves. You can adjust how tight it can be and there’s some decorative lace. It’s not a real Santa Lucia outfit and I don’t have a glowing Santa Lucia crown, but it’s not too bad. Grandmummy says that it’s probably traditionally Romanian. Wouldn’t it be so lovely to lounge around all day in this dress? I wouldn’t mind living in Romania…



Sankta Lucia, Sankta Lucia!

Have a nice Saturday!!!



Happy birthday, Willow!!

Ello! It’s Willow here again! I know that my birthday was a long time ago, but we hadn’t celebrated yet. Between Romania and just being jolly busy, we couldn’t do anything until now. And even then I had no idea we were about to have a jolly good time that afternoon…

It was an ordinary day until I got a note. It was stuck on my door and it read:

Dear Willow, don’t worry about lunch today, we’ll take care of it. Could you meet as at about 12:30 today? Oh, and could you wear your cherry-blossom dress? Kit and Emma haven’t seen it on you yet! Amber.

So I slipped my dress on and came on down an hour later… to a huge celebration!!!


“Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday dear Willow….

Happy birthday to you!!!!!”

I was stunned!


And they had prepared a tea for me. They had muffins and iced cake and tea and coffee (that was for Amber. She doesn’t drink tea, she says). They gave me the biggest, chocolate-filled, sweetest piece of cake there was, “To make up for all your lost cakes when you had ration cards!” Kit joked.


They tried to make it a real English tea, but English people wouldn’t in their dreams have that many nice things (in my time). I was laughing at Kit because she was using a milk pitcher instead of a tea cup!

Next were presents. I had quite a decent stack of them and all of them were very thoughtful!


From Mummy, I got a Dutch hat and an adorable dog with a red collar. I’ve already named him Yank after my dog back in the 1940s!


From the non-18 inch dollies, I got a bag and these lovely extras: organizing folders, a restaurant, debit card for shops and a library (for when there are shops, libraries and restaurants. We’re planning on making some, though). Not to mention a sweet teddy-bear!


From Amber, I got a dress like the ones they were wearing. She says it’s because I belong with them now – yipee!


From Kit, I got her favorite book: Dogs Rule. We both have dogs in common, won’t that be fun?


From Emma I got a necklace. The rest have special necklaces, so that gift was very thoughtful.

And then the biggest surprise of all…


I GOT A FLUTOPHONE! (Along with a letter W for Willow with a cute bear.)

Emma says it’s a recorder, but it looks like a flutophone to me. And even though I despised practicing it in the 1940s, I’ve actually been missing it. I can’t wait to learn more songs!



“Actually, we’ve got more to celebrate…”

“Happy birthday to Human too as of October!”

“And we got 10 followers – yay!”

“And 1000+ views on the blog!”


“We’ve had a lovely time!”

“And we have SO much to be thankful for!”


Thanks for the followers AND 1000+ views! We love this blog a lot and hope to keep posting!


A holiday

Hello girls,

It’s just Willow popping in for a bit of an announcement: the thing is, Mummy’s been quite busy with homework and school and the lot, and hasn’t had a lot of time for me. Well, for us. Now that she’s on holiday she won’t be posting either, unfortunately. So, just to let you know, we’re just going to have our own holiday. Again, we are extremely sorry for the lack of posts but we will TRY to change that in the future, no guarantees.

So can a bit of a peek into what we’re planning tide you over?

Look for:

– Something about my birthday. Don’t tell the other dolls that I know they forgot about me.

– What Kit and Amber are going to do with the pumpkins

– And more… we have so much planned and so little time, but let’s try to get some posts in after our holiday, hey?

Right. See you around!



Fall Fashion

Hello readers – and happy first day of fall! It’s me, Willow, posting. I love fashion and wanted to post some fall ideas for school. We have so many clothes for warmer weather that coming into fall makes it harder to think up a variety of outfits – and we also are not sure what to wear anymore when school is well underway and our clothes don’t seem new anymore. I hope these ideas help you and your dollies too! Enjoy!


1. Accessorize with a patterned jacket! Whilst being out and about one of the first things people notice about you is your jacket! Make a good impression with a big and bold jacket that others will admire!

Amber models the Our Generation “Oh my Posh” jacket and tights, trousers meant for babies and American Girl retired trainers.


2. Pair together unexpected colours for cute colour pops! A jacket isn’t the only article of clothing people will notice about you! Pair together “clashing” or “unusual” colours to really stand out! Who would have thought that hot pink and yellow went together? In this photo they look great!

I am modeling a home-made shirt, non AG trousers, sandals from Kit’s Floral Print Dress (AG) and a hat from Our Generation’s “Oh my Posh”.


3. Layer, layer, layer! Layers look cute and also help you stay warm! Put a t-shirt over a long sleeved shirt, or even over a sweater! It’ll look and feel great!

Kit models a non – AG shirt, home-made trousers, a necklace and hat from her meet outfit and a shirt and pair of flats from AG’s Real Me Outfit.


4. You can still dress like summer! Slip on a floral summer dress, or even a pair of shorts to remember the good times you’ve had. Just make sure to stay warm for fall, with a sweater or a pair of tights!

Emma is modeling Kit’s meet sweater and sandals, as well as Kit’s Birthday Outfit (all AG).

I hope you enjoyed ideas – and remember to be yourself and that it’s on the inside that counts!!!


Review of OG outfit!!

Hello girls! This is Amber, posting in bold print today… because I’m not the only one posting. It’s me, Willow McIntire here too! I’m really thrilled to be on this blog. (I didn’t really invite her, even though Willow and I are quite good friends now. ) Actually, my real name is Emily Bennett, but I go by Willow now. (She makes sure to get the details down, I see.) Today I’ll be reviewing an Our Generation outfit called “Oh my Posh!” England is very posh so this is interesting to review! (I thought she was shy…) So anyway – OK, Willow, that’s enough now.

First, we’ve got some announcements:

a) We transferred our blog! We hope everything went smoothly, but if something is up, please just post it in the comments, Oh yeah, it would be helpful if you commented to say everything is OK!! I hope it is. Amber was nervous. (WAS NOT!)

b) I’m sorry for not posting. We’ve been quite busy wrapping up in the States and only today we returned to The Netherlands, our home! Kit and Emma are here and I haven’t seen them in ages!! I haven’t met them yet! But we hope that things return back to normal… maybe even more posts than normal? I hope I can be part of them! *awkward silence*

Anyway, back to the outfit! This is our first Our Generation outfit, and when we opened it up, the packaging impressed me a lot. They had lots of notices, a reusable tray and the box could re-wrap itself. And then when I saw the outfit, I saw why the called it Oh My Posh… because I went “Oh my posh!” too!!

Human chose Willow to model, so I guess I’ll let Willow take over now!



Hello, it’s Willow here! I’m excited to be posting on this blog! Anyway, here is the Our Generation outfit. The set includes a jacket, a matching skirt, tights, shoes, a hat and a miniature catalog.



Here’s a side view. I like this outfit a lot, it is oh my posh. This outfit is made for slimmer dolls so it is a little bit of a squeeze. Also, the coat sheds quite a bit onto my body… not very posh under the jacket!





The shoes are cute but not by far American Girl quality. (I’m comparing these to the flats that were worn by one of the latest My American Girl outfits. Same style but much cheaper.)



The hat is cute! I love the spotty scheme, and if you are to go cute and posh, this it the pattern.



It can also be worn without the hat. Of course, mixing and matching! Mr. Fox and I smile at the camera. This fox won’t run away!


Dreaming, I’m dreaming, of England, I’m dreaming…


I really love nature as well as this outfit!



And Amber, too!


Friends and Friendship Bracelets

Hi again! It’s Amber writing. Earlier this week we visited with five of our favorite dollie friends, and their mother, Sophie! We had a great time, in which we played and dressed up and even starred in Mom’s first stop motion video! Here are some of the shots!


Here I am along with Emily on the right – who now goes by Willow because I explained that we had a friend named Emma and it would be too confusing with both of them. In the middle is Sophie’s doll Kirsten.


From left to right: Samantha, Jess, Ashley and Felicity, the rest of Sophie’s dolls.


Group shot!! Ashley even has Kirsten’s kitten on her lap. During the visit Willow and Felicity really clicked – and whether that has something to do with their hair color I’m not sure. Kirsten and Samantha liked being inside and reading, so I mainly hung out with Jess and Ashley. Turns out that Ashley loves girly things, same as me!!



Thanks Soph, we love them!


I know what you’re thinking, right – since when are you friends with Willow? Well, if I’m living with her now, I have a sort of obligation if I want to make life pleasant. And she isn’t as bad as I thought either. She’s like a sorta – friend. Sure, she still has her prissy moments, but on the whole, she’s okay.


Willow loves her bracelet. I don’t think she got many in the 1940s with the war and all. It even matches her favorite dress!  


Mine is awesome, too! I love the color choice!!


Have a nice weekend!!